Les Enfants Sauvages du Cinématographe (1968-1972)

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We travel back to the years 1968-1972 when Ledoux was a brilliant programmer and festival organiser in search for thoughtprovoking cinema... that is still relevant in 2022. These two rarely screened masterpieces circulated in the best festivals of the time, including Ledoux’s own Films Jeunes / Films Inédits.

“This cinema 'au féminin' reminds us what the imperialist eye had repressed: different modes of editing impulses where what is seen and heard alters our perspective.” – Serge Daney, writing about DEUX FOIS in Cahiers du cinéma.

“À NOUS DEUX, FRANCE! is a song rather than a cry of revolt, it is a melody of distress rather than an avenging vociferation. This is what differentiates it, for example, from Med Hondo's SOLEIL Ô (which I like very much)” says Désiré Écaré about his first feature length which uses comedy to explore the Ivoirian presence in Paris.

Celebrating Ledoux 100

19:00 DEUX FOIS - Jackie Raynal, 1968. With the presence of the filmmaker
21:00 À NOUS DEUX, FRANCE! - Désiré Ecaré, 1969. Preceded by the presentation of the newest publication on Jacques Ledoux.

Curated by Xavier García Bardón.


Cinematek - Brussels, Bélgica


Saturday, February 19, 2022 - 19:00