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The Laterale Film Festival, a non-competitive event for the cinematic art organized by the Lateral Cultural Association of Cosenza, presents one of the most interesting and non-solo features of the Italian festival panorama. A cultural event that favors the promotion of innovation and originality of cinematography, which translates the experimental experience of the firm registration: an imperishable opportunity for those who wish to question their nature and the sense of their imagination in motion.

The program includes the following films:

• Camera Sick - Jeremy Moss 
• Laura - Tânia Dinis 
• Lumen - Richard Ashrowan 
• Merci Mais Non Merci - Alessandra Beltrame 
• Mille Cipressi - Luca Ferri 
• My Song Is Sung - SJ. Ramir 
• National Bird 2 - Curtis Miller 
• A return - James Edmonds 
• Variazioni luminose nei cieli della città - Giuseppe Spina 
• Zero Length Spring - Ross Meckfessel 


Saturday, November 18, 2023 - 19:00



  • Via della Madonna del Mare, 7
    34124   Trieste
    45° 38' 49.398" N, 13° 46' 4.35" E