The Last Forever: Live cinema performances by Scott Stark

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“[…] Each film charts the possibility of a pre-cinema experience, one that might have evolved had not narrative and commerce been cinema’s prevailing motivational forces.” — SS

Microscope is very pleased to present a night of live film performances by San Francisco-based filmmaker and artist Scott Stark.

The program includes eight new and recent performative works by the artist often involving video-projection and live sound, culminating in a 20-minute dual 16mm film performance.

From Scott Stark:

“Using found family photographs (mostly 35mm slides), I cracked open the family archive to generate imaginative and at times illogical narratives. “The Last Forever” (in collaboration with Polish filmmaker Kamila Kuc) unravels a story of a missing spouse and possible murder, while “Underlying Persistent Volumes (parts 1 and 1.1)” populate instructional videos for software development with photos of birthday parties, road trips and Christmas rituals.

“Night Out of Song,” a live double-16mm projector performance using a whirling shutter to alternate and scatter light beams, posits abstractions lifted from the urban palette onto shapes both organic and inorganic in an ebb and flow of movement through the city. A kind of breathing. PLUS live music!”

Stark since 1980 has made over 80 films in many analog and digital formats, mostly in the San Francisco area where he also taught art at the San Francisco Art Institute. A former board member of the San Francisco Cinematheque, he is also the author behind the indispensable web-based film resource Flicker.

A Q&A with Stark will follow the screening and performances.

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Scott Stark has made over 85 films and videos, as well as numerous moving image installations, live performances and photo-collages. His work has shown nationally and internationally in venues as diverse as New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Cinematheque, the Film Festival Rotterdam, the Tokyo Image Forum, the Pacific Film Archive, and many others. His 16mm film Angel Beach was invited into the 2002 Whitney Biennial, and in 2007 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship. His 2013 film The Realist showed at numerous worldwide film festivals and was on several year-end “best” lists. His work has garnered numerous awardsIn 2012 Scott co-founded an avant-garde film screening series in Austin called Experimental Response Cinema ( He now lives in San Francisco, California.

Spherules (song)
Digital video, live sound with Jodie Mack, 6 minutes

The Last Forever
In collaboration with Kamila Kuc
Digital video, live sound, 12 minutes

The Last Forever (video sample)
Digital video, 10 minutes

Underlying Persistent Volumes (Part 1)
Digital video, live sound, 10 minutes

Underlying Persistent Volumes (Part 1.1)
Digital video, live sound, 6 minutes

Marsupials (song)
Digital video, live sound, 6 minutes

Night Out of Song
Double live 16mm film projection, 20 minutes

I Got Smaller (song)
Digital video, live sound, 5 minutes


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Monday, November 7, 2022 - 19:30



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