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Please join us for the grand re-opening of LaborBerlin! After the success of our crowdfunding campaign FILM AIN’T DEAD we want to share with you the fruit of our collective efforts. We will also introduce our collaborative project REMI with films by our partner labs Filmwerkplaats (NL) and Mire (FR). Have some food and drinks, take a tour, have a look at our wonderful new facilities, watch films or just hang out with us and have a good time!

REMI Programme (8pm):
- Test Loop - Faces (Antoine Ledroit & Pierre Pierre Pierre, 35mm, approx 5’)
- Untitled (Morocco) (Laure Peigné, Super 8, 3’22?)
- S.N.O.W. (Judith van der Made, 16mm, 2’37?)
- Every Primitive Space Commune (Marcy Saude, 16mm, 2’50?)
- Collé-Serré (Carole Thibaud, 16mm, 3’30?)
- L|R-Introduction (Will Rifer, 16mm, 2’10?)
- Untitled (Stéphane Racine, Super8, 5')
- Cortopunk (Carole Thibaud, Super8 transferred to digital, 3’18?)
- Untitled (24XH2O) Redux (Producer’s Cut) (Thomas Chatard & Antoine Ledroit, 35mm, 5’)
- The Captured Light Of An Instant (Lichun Tseng, 35mm, 20')
- Sillages#2 (Antoine Ledroit & Aurélie Percevault, 16mm, 5’20?)
- Then Let’s Keep Dancing (Aurélie Percevault, 16mm, 2’)
- Deletion (Esther Urlus, 35mm, 12')

And on Sunday (May 7), to cap off our celebration, LaborBerlin members, Philip Widmann, Bernd Lützeler, Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzalez Monroy will be presenting their latest films in a special screening at Arsenal at 4:30pm.

Arsenal Programme:
- Das Gestell (Philip Widmann, Super8 transferred to digital, 30')
- Heliopolis Heliopolis (Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy, 16mm, 25')
- Camera Threat (Bernd Lützeler, 35mm & DCP, 29')

Join us!



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Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 16:00


  • Prinzenallee 58
    13359   Berlin
    52° 33' 28.6992" N, 13° 23' 6.7416" E