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Kino Palais, with the collaboration of Pablo Mazzolo and Benjamín Ellenberger, present a special programme with films of the renowned Czech experimental filmmaker Martin Klapper. Screened in their original format and with the presence of the artist.

"A selection of my films from the period 1992-2002, documenting different approaches and efforts to find a new cinematic vocabulary, using found materials, in-camera edit and a wide variety of radical techniques (many of them my own inventions) to re-work the surface of the film itself. These techniques include overlays, scratching, printing, colouring, tinting, painting, Batik or hand-made development, including various chemical and mechanical treatments. All films are the original prints in Super 8 mm and 16 mm "(Martin Klapper).

Selected films:
- Sonoritheque (1992, Super 8, 8 minutes.)
- Mordloch (1993, 16mm, 10 minutes.)
- Umlochbewegung (1996, 16 mm, 8 minutes.)
- N.Y.1995 (1997, Super 8, 8 minutes.)
- PUSINKY´99 (1999, Super 8, 3 minutes.)
- À suivre..? (2000, 16 mm, 3 minutes.)
- T.H. (2001, 16 mm, 3 minutes.)
- Familia Borealis (2002, Super 8, 20 minutes.)

Martin Klapper
Born in Prague in 1963. Filmmaker, Musician, Composer, Visual Artist. Active since 1981 in the field of cinema and experimental music and multimedia performances. As a filmmaker he has projected in: Filmværksted (Denmark), Slow Festival (Germany), Knitting Factory (NY), Nova Cinema (Belgium) Deutsche Filmuseum (Germany), Malmo Festival (Sweden), Experience (Australia), Symposium Hermit (Rep. Czech), Stuttgartener Winterfilmfestival (Germany), Shortfilmfestival Manchester (England), Documenta Kassel-lokale projekte (Germany), Slovinska Kinoteka Ljubljana (Slovenia), etc. and he was commissioned by MTV for the "60 Clocks per Minute / One Minute Cinema" project. As a musician he has published in labels such as LEO Records, Fykingen Records, Nur / Nicht / Nur, Musica Genera, Gold Soundz, Ninth World Music, House of Chadula, Skræp and has performed in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Rep. Disks, Denmark, Germany, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Norway, Polania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and USA along with artists such as Derek Bailey, Tim Hodgkinson, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, Phil Minton, John Butcher, Eugene Chadbourne, Iva Bittová, Radu Malfatti, Don Byron, LaDonna Smith, Johannes Bergmark, Chris Burn, Jim Denley, Giessen Improvisers Pool Mats Gustafsson, Catherine Jauniaux, Hugh Metcalfe, Roger Turner, John Russell, Wiesbadener Improvisations Ensemble, etc. He is currently residing in Denmark where he is curator of Klub Argot of Copenhagen and the European Improvisation Orchestra.

Image Gallery: 

Mordloch (Martin Klapper, 1993)
Mordloch (Martin Klapper, 1993)



Saturday, August 15, 2015 - 19:00


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