Jun Kurosawa - NEKO-MIMI[猫耳]

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KRAUT FILM presents a Japanese experimental feature NEKO-MIMI[猫耳](HD version) by Jun Kurosawa.

NEKO-MIMI is a masterpiece of 1990s Japanese cinema. Experimental film in which three girls and one boy lead playful lives. Just as a game, in which the course is determined from beginning to end by certain rules, can be played time and again, their lives are also endless repetition. Reflecting on the hidden puzzle in this film may be the same as reflecting on the essence of cinema. KRAUT FILM presents a new HD-restored version from the 16mm print.

NEKO-MIMI[猫耳], Jun Kurosawa, 1994, color, 80 min

【上映会予告】黒澤潤『猫耳』|(2022.12.17/於:Center) from KRAUT FILM on Vimeo.


Jun Kurosawa, born in 1964, he studied art science at the Tama Art University. While in college, he learned filmmaking by Sakumi Hagiwara. After graduation, he related not only to Japanese experimental film movements but also to Japanese contemporary art scene. His works contains a wide variety of artistic genres: industrial-music, performances, and opera.

Since 1989 numerous screenings and awards in Japan and abroad. As an example, solo exhibition metaphysical philosophy of light in Studio Arms [1990] , special screening A perfect hospital room in Ebisu East Gallery [1994] , and he has in charge of curation at the Ebisu international film festival [1996]. His films include now-here (1988), Tokyo angel hospital (1989), The god crippled with one leg (1994)



Saturday, December 17, 2022 - 19:00



Saturday, December 17, 2022 - 19:00
  • 1-1273 Ginza
    36° 33' 54.612" N, 139° 44' 54.4128" E