Jodie Mack - Let Your Light Shine: Screening & Performance

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Jodie Mack is an American animator/performance artist whose work questions the regimes of looking and the stability of human perception in a post-psychedelic world. Under Mack’s direction, merch tables meet museum gift stores, the sublime meets Sublime the band, and stoner shop tie-dyes and dollar-store trinkets collude to create pulsing, ebullient spectacles. This stroboscopic collection of animated films and performances shines a light on the incessant stream of abstract imagery that permeates our everyday lives - unleashing a kinetic energy that resides in wasted and overlooked consumer objects. Through exquisite layering and Mack’s trademark cut ’n’ paste flash frame animation techniques, complex patterns of movement ensue which she calls ‘anti-sequences’.

This program features Mack’s new film and performance, Dusty Stacks of Mom, to which she performs the soundtrack of this animated rock opera paying affectionate tribute to her mother’s ailing screen printing business. The program concludes with the experimental 3D performance extravaganza Let Your Light Shine.

- New Fancy Foils (12.5 mins, 16mm, colour, silent)
- Undertone Overture (10.5 mins, 16mm, colour, sound)
- Dusty Stacks of Mom: the Poster Project (41 mins, 16mm, colour, sound - Live performance)
- Glistening Thrills (8 mins, 16mm, colour, sound)
- Let Your Light Shine (3 mins, 16mm, colour & b/w, sound, 3D - Prismatic glasses provided)

Doors: 19:30h
Screening/Performance: 20-21:30h



Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 20:00 to Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 19:55


  • 458 Hackney Road
    E2 9EG   London, London
    Reino Unido
    51° 31' 55.3872" N, 0° 3' 32.1624" W