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The International Video Art House Madrid Festival is held every year in Madrid with the aim of bringing new proposals of national and international artists to the public. Since its inception it has featured a guest country section where different curators from that country are invited to present a retrospective on it. Until the last edition of 2015 we had the participation of Colombia, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, South Korea, Mexico, Italy and Russia. We are only selecting works made in 2015 or 2016. There is no duration limit for the submissions and the competition has no specific theme.

All works in languages other than English or Spanish must include subtitles in any of these languages.

Submission forms must be completed through our website, you will find the link to the submission form on the IVAHM 2015 website (…). Please attach a link of the works on Vimeo you wish to submit (please add the password if needed). You can send a copy in DVD if you prefer. There is no submission fee. Deadline is on the 15th of February 2016.

Programme And Exhbition Rights:
The organisation reserves the right to show the selected works in as many public screening as considered necessary by the organisation, with previous notification to the artist. Producers will authorise the public screenings freely. The IVAHM Festival carries out a nomadic tour every year with visits to the Centro de Arte Alameda (México) as well as other art festivals. Screenings at these art centres will always be previously notified to the artist.

Catalogue And Publicity For The Festival:
The producers and/or directors of the works will provide the material necessary for the preparation of the Festival’s catalogue and the publicity for the festival. Producers and participants, by submitting their works, are authorising the use of one or several fragments of their films to show as publicity of the Festival in the media. For this purpose, producers and/or directors will provide the Festival with a selection of fragments that will last no longer than three minutes or 20% of the total for pieces shorter than 10 minutes. The organisation will give further details of the material needed to producers, by getting in touch with the person responsible for the works. When filling in the submission forms, please specify the contact details of the person responsible for the works.

Other Important Information:
Once the works have been selected for any of the Festival’s sections, these will not be withdrawn. IVAHM may make copies in video and DVD of the works shown, which will be incorporated to the centre’s video archive destined to the promotion of audiovisual work. The organisation will also include all the selected works in the CIDV online video archive (www.cidv.org) as part of the IVAHM 2016 programme, as well as in the Laboratorio de Arte Alameda’s video archive (México). In any case, IVAHM will previously notify any use of the works to artists and producers. By submitting your works via the submissions form, you fully agree to the terms and conditions listed above. The directors of the organisation reserve the right to interpret these terms and conditions.

By Submitting Your Works, You Fully Agree To The Terms And Conditions Listed Above.



Monday, February 15, 2016 (All day)



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February the 31tst? 

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Thanks, Mikal. Indeed there

Thanks, Mikal. Indeed there is a mistake in the text. The real deadline is Feb 15


Monday, February 15, 2016 (All day)