Intertidal by Alex MacKenzie + Hyas & Stenorinques by Jean Painlevé

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First session in a series of useful labs in partnership with Le Lieu Unique on the porosities between the experimental image and the documentary: documentary cinema / experimental cinema - borders, influences. This first meeting is devoted to one of the common origins of experimental film and documentary cinema: the first science films from the early twentieth century.

The moving image as an observation, and contemplation tool, of natural phenomena or environments, fragile, unknown and often invisible to the naked eye. A marine evening with the 16mm performance Intertidal by filmmaker Alex MacKenzie (Vancouver, Canada) and the projection in 16mm of the film Hyas & Stenorinques by Jean Painlevé.

- Hyas & Stenorinques (Jean Painlevé, 1927, 16 mm, b&w, sound, 13'00)
Presentation in close-ups of two species of small crustaceans whose main characteristic is to cover itself, according to their will, of plant or animal colonies. Co-living with their neighbor, the spirographe worm.

- Intertidal (Alex MacKenzie, 2012, 16mm x 2, b&w/colour, sound, 50-60 min)
With the presence of the filmmaker
Intertidal is an immersive exploration of the foreshore (intertidal zone) off the west coast of Canada, in a double analytical 16mm projection.
Inspired by both the work and thought of the US marine biology researcher Ed Ricketts (1940), and the technical approach of French filmmaker Jean Painlevé, this performance draws a parallel between the fragility of the film medium and the explored maritime environment. Using as the real image taken that approaches without a camera, the film explores the image and content of the emulsion and the environment through the use of elements as extensive as the single frame, alternative chemistries, live manipulation and the movement of the tides themselves. At the same time personal, political, visual and ecological, this work gives equal importance to representation and abstraction.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 20:00


  • quai Ferdinand-Favre
    44013   Nantes, Loire-Atlantique (44)
    47° 12' 50.2848" N, 1° 32' 34.8468" W