InSects & FlowerSex (aka The Birds & The Bees)

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INSECTS & FLOWERSEX (aka The Birds & The Bees) [films mostly from 1930s to 1970s]

These films on film, programmed by Bradley Eros, from the Mushroom Archive: [69 minutes total]

  • Killers of the Insect World (bug snuff!, & almost Buñuelian in its entomological savagery) w/ live sound by LeLe (aka Lullady) [6 minutes]
  • Woody Woodpecker & The Termites from Mars (animated cartoon, with an electronic Sun Ra soundtrack, Eros addition) [6 minutes]
  • (Sally Rand's) Bubble Dance (her huge inflated balloon appears to be our delicate earthly globe) ~ with classical music on film [3 minutes]
  • Leopard Slug Sex, from Life in the Undergrowth, (in flagrante delicto, or fantastique & delicious, cork~screwing hermaphroditic bodies in ecstasy), with music by Yuka Honda [4 minutes]

~ .<>. ~ .<>. ~ .<>

  • Secrets of the Plant World (aka The Sex Life of Flowers) ~ played backwards with soundtrack on film [18 minutes]
  • The Eyes of Animals ~ (beautiful scientific film with close-ups of animals' eyes & animations), with a live soundtrack performance (by Claudi of Pinc Louds) [12 minutes]
  • Bees & Ears, strange as it sounds, with random radio collage soundtrack, by Jeanne Liotta, special guest contributor [8 minutes]
  • OWL ~ (mystery of the night) ~ with improvised colored gels & sound by Eros & Lullady [3 minutes]
  • Deliquescence ~ (a double layer of marine flowers & aquatic erotics) with Richard Sylvarnes, on electronic shadows, an Eros original olfactory cinema with perfume scents ~ [9 minutes]

Bradley Eros is an artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, installation, expanded & contracted cinema. Also a curator, designer, researcher, composer & investigator. Concepts include: ephemeral cinema, erotic psyche, Optipus, subterranean science, cinema povera, poetic accidents, fragmentstein, musique plastique, Ocula, narcolepsy cinema, vampirates, metaBody, The Owl of Minerva, Artaud-Butoh, Mushroom Archive, Velvet Hermetic System, Oysters of the Id, & Black Hole Cinema.

Eros is a mediamystic maverick, who prefers the night & the perfume of eau de cinema.



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