Images itinérantes: An evening of short films

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Images itinérantes / An evening of short films
Animations, docs, self-portraits and visual experiments by young filmmakers from Europe and beyond.

Stefano Miraglia (Italy)
Jessica Poon (Hong Kong)
Leandro Varela (Argentina)
Pierre Voland (France)

Hosted by Dr Diane Leblond and the MML team at Caius

Free Entry

Facebook event:

*Animating & abstracting*
- Claire (2016) by Stefano Miraglia
- KATOKINO (2014) by Leandro Varela & Stefano Miraglia
- Brutalism (2014) by Jessica Poon
- AMOR SUMMUM (2014) by Leandro Varela
- AMOR SUMMUM (2016) by Stefano Miraglia

*Self-portraits and postcards*
- Self-portrait (2015) by Leandro Varela
- Autoportrait (2015) by Pierre Voland
- 10s Postcard for Clarisse R. (2016) by Stefano Miraglia
- 10s Postcard for Marco C. (2016) by Stefano Miraglia

- Brussels Women’s March (2017) by Pierre Voland
- Divisor (2014-2016) by Stefano Miraglia
- The KVB (2016) by Stefano Miraglia & Pierre Voland
- Falaises (2016) by Stefano Miraglia

(running time 50' approx)

Stefano Miraglia (b. 1988) is an Italian filmmaker currently based in Cambridge. He's been collaborating with Argentinian artist Leandro Varela since 2011, with whom he directed two short films (memoria e imaginación and KATOKINO) merging animation, still photography and video.

Jessica Poon (b. 1990) is an LA-based animation director from Hong Kong. She graduated from California Institute of the Arts’ Character Animation program and her animated work has already received several awards in Japan, Germany and USA.

Leandro Varela (b. 1990) is an Argentinian filmmaker and archivist currently based in Buenos Aires and specialized in experimental and minimal animation.

Pierre Voland (b. 1992) is a French filmmaker working with both digital video and Super8 film. His work deals with diaristic cinema and landscape contemplation.



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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 20:30
  • Trinity Street
    CB2 1TA   Cambridge
    Reino Unido
    52° 12' 20.7468" N, 0° 7' 4.7928" E