Hybrids {with Avant Ads}

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Curated by Bradley Erosw/ works by Oskar Fishinger, Walter Ruttmann, Len Lye, Peter Kubelka, Scott Bartlett, Victoria Keddie & Scott Kiernan, Kenneth Zoran Curwood, Gill Arno, Jeannie Liotta, Lary 7, Aline Mare, and Bradley Erosadmission $6 - Bradley Eros and other artists in person

In connection with his current solo exhibition at the gallery eau de cinema: constellations & contradictions, Bradley Eros presents a special screening event of historical and present day works, including several of his own collaborative pieces. The program focuses on two concepts essential to his exhibition: “Hybrids”, those bridging the distinction or separation between film and video, as a form of synaesthetic cinema that combines elements of both, and “Avant Ads”, or experimental films made as (often subversive) advertisements, or (often failed) promotional films.

The “Hybrids” section features “OffOn”, the pioneering film by Scott Bartlett from 1968, including an examination into how it was made as well as recent works from Victoria Keddie & Scott Kiernan (of ESP Lab), Kenneth Zoran Curwood, Gill Arno, and Lary7 as well as Eros’ early collaborations with Aline Mare (as Erotic Psyche) and with Jeanne Liotta (as Mediamystics), and editing projects with Tim Geraghty.

“Avant Ads” includes classic avant-garde works made as or from TV commercials by Oskar Fischinger, Walter Ruttmann, Peter Kubelka, Len Lye, and Eros’ own contemporary anti-ads.

Program includes: Avant Ads - Muratti Gets in the Act (1934) & Muntz TV (1952) by Oskar Fischinger- Der Sieger (1921) & Das Wunder (1922) by Walter Ruttmann- Trade Tattoo (1937) & Colour Flight (1938) by Len Lye- Schwechater (1958) by Peter Kubelka- Séance (trailer) (2010) & eau de cinema (2014) by Bradley Eros Hybrids  - OffOn (1968) & Making OffOn (1981) by Scott Bartlett- 33 (2014) by Victoria Keddie & Scott Kiernan (ESP Lab)- Let’s See / Crappy Enough (2014) by Kenneth Zoran Curwood- Untitled (2014) by Gill Arno- SOMA SEMA (1988) by Bradley Eros & Jeanne Liotta- Venus to Penis (1983) by Bradley Eros & Aline Mare- Before the Transmitter Went Cold (or, The Last Moment of Analog TV) (2006) by Lary 7

Bradley Eros is a Brooklyn-based artist working in multiple mediums. His works have exhibited and screened extensively in the US and abroad including at The Whitney Biennial, The Whitney Museum’s series The American Century, MoMA, The Andy Warhol Museum, MoMA PS1, Camden Arts Center (London), Anthology Film Archives, Arsenal (Berlin), Participant Inc., The Kitchen, Performa09, Exit Art, White Box, LMAK Projects, and The New York, London and Rotterdam Film Festivals. Collaborations include the Alchemical Theater, the band Circle XVoom HD Lab, and the expanded cinema groups kinoSonikArcane Project and currently Optipus.


MICROSCOPE GALLERY (previous) - New York, Estados Unidos


Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 19:00 to Friday, July 4, 2014 - 20:55



Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 19:00 to Friday, July 4, 2014 - 20:55
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