A homeless mobile cinema vol.9

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A homeless mobile cinema vol.9
This Summer, Pugnant Film Series will be
A homeless mobile cinema at the ruins of Athens.
Have you noticed that as the cities are getting more and more old, their ruins are remaining young at all? With a prehistoric youth, similar to the material from which the films are made.
With this sacred feeling, we will make some screenings of films that we love at some abandoned houses, factories, rivers and places of Athens.

*The screenings will start at the evening, and will be completed at the dawn of the following day
**Due to the special conditions of each location, anyone is coming with own responsibility.
***The screenings will be in a diy spirit. Please bring with you food, alcohol, pillows, hammocks and anything you need.

Free donation entrance.

10/9 - 20:00
To Livadi ton Theon (Galatsi - Psychiko)
Entrance from the street Lato Idiotiki (more info at the end of the text)

20.00 Attendance

20.30 Short Films Program (64')
with english subtitles
097. Trains are for Dreaming - Jennifer Reeves
098. Liquidation - Christophe Bisson
099. Bella - Thelyia Petraki
100. Gli Uomini - Christophe Bisson

21.50 Feature Film (120') with english & greek subtitles
101. A Place on Earth - Artοur Aristakisian

Midnight till dawn
102. Films by Sergei Parajanov

The ninth and last film screening of homeless mobile cinema will be at Tourkovounia, in a place that called To Livadi ton Theon. Entrance will be from the street Lato Idiotiki ( 38.015159, 23.760691), in a spot that is in the borderline of Galatsi and Psychiko. Buses 608 and 622 are coming close to the screening location. About one km distance.



Friday, September 10, 2021 - 20:00



Friday, September 10, 2021 - 20:00