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Come join us for an expanded, poetic, playful programme as we gather modern favourites and hidden gems of Latin American experimental cinema. A special triptych programme told in three acts: GAZE. PLAY. DREAM.

Once again, we put female filmmakers at the front, paying particular attention to female gazes and women directors from Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia or Chile. We will have a closer look at the work of directors like Elena Duque, Azucena Losana, Adriana Vila, Camila Beltran or Flor Aliberti while also including ‘veterans’ like Claudio Caldini and Paulo Pecora.

  • When? Starts Friday 21 May 19:30. Available until Friday 28 May 23:55.
  • Where? Available WORLDWIDE. Watch it via
  • Tickets? Standard ticket price is just £5. Tickets are priced according to a Pay What You Can, in order to make the programme more accessible. Get your tickets using the red button or click here
  • Language: Multiple. All films with English subtitles and CC


  • When: Thursday 27 May, 18:45
  • Where: Institut Français d’Écosse (W Parliament Square, Edinburgh)
  • Safety regulations apply
  • Buy your ticket here

In GAZE.PLAY.DREAM we take a look at the work of those filmmakers with a desire to see the world from a different perspective. From the urge to resist the repetitive proposition of commercial cinema to attempts to bring a more radical artistic approach to filmmaking. What are they after? The goal is usually to enable viewers to establish a more personal and considerate relationship with movies.

THERE WILL BE NO CONVENTIONAL FILMMAKING HERE. Only Experimental Cinema. We present to you a number of creative people who chose to work (either individually or in small groups) to document the world around them – both the physical reality and its sensorial parallel. Using moving image to produce art works, moving away from standard narrative structures, using physical intervention of the analogue materials in the same way as a painter or sculptor would approach their creations. These are all characteristics of the big community of creative individuals that live inside Gaze, Play, Dream.

25 SHORT FILMS. 14 DIRECTORS. The programme includes over 24 films we have grouped into a triptych. The first part is called GAZE and it looks at new gazes, stories told in a different way; there is an absence of justment and no aim to reach a conclusion that is up to you, the viewer. Second part, PLAY, looks into those works that play with used or found footage to give it a second life, often liberated from the context where they were originally created. And the final part, DREAM, delves into the most poetic side of filmmaking. The elements usually associated with traditional filmmaking are repurposed to create a feeling in the viewer which is far (often) higher than the one those elements would’ve provoked if shown under a more standard film structure.

SAY NO! TO THE MARKET CANNON. Experimenting in this case is equivalent to questioning, taking risks, pushing the margins of the expectable, or intentionally creating films outside of that containment. Those who experiment in an extreme way have always been and are foreigners, outlaws of canons and formulas. Foreigners from the spaces agreed by the market and the industry.

CinemaAttic is no stranger to taking risks, experimenting with ways to offer our screenings and certainly to being a foreigner. In previous events we gave you small experimental pills inside our programmes, in May we will let that free playful spirit be the centre of our proposal. We hope you discover new directors, new films and gain a wider idea of what moving image can make you feel.

MUJERES AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AT THE FRONT. Rather than a quest to find female gazes, we simply ended up choosing our favourite films and 72% of the selected works this month are directed by women, bringing to your attention brilliant outlaws and dissident women from countries ranging from Mexico to Argentina, from Venezuela to Spain, from Colombia to Chile.


The programme will have a number of “Bonus Tracks” and Director’s Talks as we invite friends around the globe to join us. We team up again with Invisible Women for a special film conversation with directors Elena Duque and Azucena Losana; while our friends at Colombia’s main Experimental Film Festival CineToro and Carlos Santa join us to host a brilliant film discussion with directors Camila Beltran and Ernesto Baca. Last but not least, the CinemaAttic team will talk with the rest of the directors through small interviews and the now legendary live Vermut on Sunday 23 May.

We hope you enjoy these films and that they connect with you in the same way they did to us.


Friday, May 21, 2021 (All day) to Friday, May 28, 2021 (All day)