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a 24(plus) hours festival
134 films
3 Music bands
2 Performances

Fuck Narration is a 24hour (plus) screening event by Pugnant Film Series, which focuses on handmade-underground-dada-auteur cinema. Making the program of this festival we stand against the common queries: “what does the director want to say?”, “which is the meaning of the film?”. Queries interrelated with the linear narrative which has been imposed by the film industry. In a different mood we chose films that treat film narrative in a more open-minded way.  Films that doesn't aim to tell you something, but speak directly, films that haven't got some hidden meaning but are the meaning themselves. At the same time these films don't set limits on their viewing /viewer. They respect their spectators and don’t put them in the unequal position of decoding.

The program of Fuck Narration includes 134 films (129 short films and five features) from all over the world. Most of them are screening in Greece for the first time. There are also one-hour tributes to the film directors Ashish Avikunthak, Muriel Montini, Vladimirn Mogilevskiy and Pawel Szostak, collaborations with the organizations of Balkan Can Kino and Fest Miden. Finally in the program you can also find performances and live music that expand the romantic chaos which is the context of Fuck Narration.

The films will be screened with Greek and English subtitles. The entrance is free. Donations are welcomed for the live events.

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Summary Program

20.00 (screening) Feature: Confessions To The Mirror by Sarah Pucill

21.10 (screening) Short films: Disturbing
(How Lerma Painted the Day Using a Piece of Charcoal /Just Getting By Is Okay /Grabados del Ojo Nocturno /Body of Work /Untitled.mp4 /17:17 /aMloF /Sloping Suburbia /A Memory /Black Hole /Wet /DING DONG /Collapsing /fissure of continuity makes continuity fake )

22.30 (live) Dance with Invisible Partners

23.30 (screening) Μεγάλου μήκους: Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay by Slaowmir Milewski
after the screening will follow q & a with the director

01.00 (screening) Tribute to Ashish Avikunthak
(Kalighat Fetish/ Dancing Othello/  Vakratunda Swaha)

02.00 (screening) Short films: Meditation on Darkness
(Meditation on Darkness /A Trip to the Moon /Cicatrix /THREADBARE /Δυϊκές ωδίνες (σε αρνητική κύηση) /Notes From A Bastard Child /Abate)

02.00-06.00 (nocturno) luben tv [roof stage]

03.30 (screening) Feature: In search Of The Exile by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

04.30 (screening) Feature: A great projectt by Giuseppe Longinotti

06.00 (screening) Short films: Nightmares in the Morning
(Cove /Life is a Bitch /Soul Hunter /Venus Hum /SLEEP VIDEO /I’M GONNA FIX YOUR SHIT /Binary Love /Haunted /Copy of, Copy of, /Body Count is in the House!!!)

07.20 (performance) Μπι μαν λάικ Σονγκόκου

08.00 (screening) Short films: Not example of anything
(Baba Dana Talks To The Wolves /36 Examples /Addio Anatolia)

08.55 (screening) Short films: Nebula of Dwarfs
(The Astronomer’s Dream /Lost Gardens /Nova Remnants /First Light on South St. /Overload /Gulf Transmission)

09.30 (screening) Tribute to Muriel Montini
(Chambres (ou Chagrin) Rooms (or Sorrow)/ (Dream) of a distant land/ Les Chemins Bleus The Blue Paths)

10.15 (screening) Feature: Somewhere Else and Yet Always Here by Panu Johansson

11.15 (screening) Collaborations: Balcan Can Kino
(Approach/Withdraw /Passenger /An Emotion Regulation Coiffeur /Fast Film /For Dies Irae /Life in Patterns/Treetops /The Game /Xenos/here is where i long to be, also within and among the images)

12.15 (screening) Short films: Dear Stranger
(The Last song for a rude heart /Draußen ist wo du nicht bist /Russia Foreva /I did it in Cancun /Don Ruperto /"1st Day & Next Minute" /Alazeef /The Music Taken with Her /Paria)

14.20 (screening) Short films: Fuck Me With Silence
(galaxies /Ghosts and Gravel Roads /Turin ’63 /Anatomical Gifts /Suspended Duration /Balta puķe /The Snow /This Dance Has No End /Ladder /Midnight Oscillations /Azael 4.4)

16.25 (screening) Collaborations: Fest Miden
(Vortex/ Bestiari/ Harvest/ Intolerance/ The Caller/ Travel Notebooks: Bilbo/ Self-Portrait with Mother (Serve)/ Sunny Day)

17.10 (screening) Tribute to Vladimirn Mogilevskiy
(Old Video/ Dog's Aggression/ Karrot/ Omni Salvation/ ARARA cave (Poga))

17.40 (screening) Tribute to Pawel Szostak
(Butter mit Karton/ A Play/ Existence/ Gaining Knowledge/ Pod Sufitem/ Comments/ Falls ich es schaffe oder Pardon my donkey/ Entertainment/ Tempestas/ Dreams Vol.1|Oh Snap!)

18.15 (performance) Roof Dance Factory

20.00 (screening) Short films: Transparent
(A Look Inside /Transparent, the wolrd is /KUH /Filmography /Alecto /The Bridge /Karoto /The Dying Pigeon /Love, Peace & Animals /They Are There But I Am Not /as close as possible/as far as possible /A Dream of Paper Flowers /Nothing to Write Home About /Experiment from the west Nº1/Caesura)

21.30 (live) Night Haze

22.15 (live) Kalte Nacht

24hour installation with films
(we were waiting for a train/ La materialización de las emociones /EMPTY POCKETS /Corrosive ill omens /SILENCERS /Ramusiana /My name was elisa /Senza Peso (Weightless) /Dailies from Dumpland 5 /A Day in a Place /Run / Fall /Oneiroid)

Free entrance / Donations are welcomed for the live events.

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Friday, September 14, 2018 - 20:00 to Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 23:45


  • Pithodorou 6
    10444   Athens
    37° 59' 9.0276" N, 23° 42' 56.2824" E