Frenkel Defects - Edition II

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Frenkel Defects is an intermittent exploration of imperfection, documented through celluloid-based creations by artists in independent laboratories worldwide. In this second edition 16mm short films are presented from different groups and organizations in the United States such as Double Negative, Process Reversal, LOMA, among others.

- 26 Pulse Wrought, by Andrew Busti (Process Reversal)
- Beneath Your Skin of Deep Hollow, by Malena Szlam (Double Negative)
- Salt, by Martha Jurksaitis (Cherry Kino)
- I Swim Now, by Sarah Biagini (Process Reversal)
- Lunar Almanac, by Malena Szlam (Double Negative)
- Rewards, by Mariya Nikiforova (Balagan)
- At Hand, by Andrew Busti (Process Reversal)
- Corn Mother, by Taylor Dunne (Process Reversal)
- SEE/SAW, by Charlie Egleston (LOMAA)
- To the Beach, by Robert Schaller (Handmade Film Institute)
- DER SPAZIERGANG, by Margaret Rorison (Sight Unseen)
- Sanctuary, by Kevin Rice (Process Reversal)

A programme curated and presented by Kevin Rice.

Screening format: 16mm / 24fps / sonido. 90 min.



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