FranceDoc #2: Imaginary spaces

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Space is a raw material and a special subject for film: any film is the encounter of a place (be it that of the room or the screen) and an imaginary. The moving image allows a motionless trip, it is a transit that deploys imagination by objectifying. So travel through the images is also a journey in the image: it is this duplicity that underlies all these films, that explore the boundary between the real space and the imaginary that is appropriated or transmitted, be it technical or subjective.

Free admission. Session with the presence of filmmakers Mauricio Hernández and Philippe Cote.

- L'invention de la route (Colas Ricard, 2003, 14')
- Musées imaginaires 1: Orsay (Mauricio Hernández, 2006, 15')
- SI G t toi (DROGU2 2 merDE° (Jarod, 2014, 17')
- Chuva (Madeira) (Jacques Perconte, 2012, 8')
- Des nuages aux fêlures de la terre (Philippe Cote, 2007, 17')



Sunday, May 31, 2015 - 19:30


  • 56 Rue de la Réunion
    75020   Paris
    48° 51' 18.396" N, 2° 24' 6.5952" E