Fool’s Gold: California Roadtrip in an Election Year

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An Experimental Documentary feature by Lili White

America’s West: where the good life includes sustainable income, development of land use, the rise of a town, and the horror of its crash and burn.

Fool’s Gold: California Roadtrip in an Election Year references the theme of greed and envy told through popular legends and stories of the livelihood and moral fiber of a once wealthy, small, and rural American mining community of Trona California; after a corporate layoff and its ensuing exodus; as told thru interviews with the remaining elderly population. Historic facts spanning the Gold Rush and the 1980’s of Reagan’s presidential years, comments about “consciousness” and visuals of Cain & Abel, Zombies as “insatiable consumers” found in Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance sequence, and desert landscape of the Pinnacles National Monument and Death Valley, display an American mindset that effects war and its economic circles, the housing crisis and global financial change, and the love for consumer products and celebrity



Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 17:30
  • Johnson Ave. at Porter Ave.
    11237   New York, New York
    United States
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