On Fire in a Body of Water. North-American Landscape Through Experimental Film

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Mountains are burning, two children climb through the riverbed over slippery stones, cattle owners trim and soap their most prized steers for the show, something has turned a body of water into a bone yard.

Taking its name from a poem by the late filmmaker Jonathan Schwartz, On Fire in a Body of Water is a one-night experimental film screening, presenting thirteen contemporary moving image works in Telluride, Colorado. The program speaks to daydreams, disillusions and anxieties of the North American landscape, reverberating the seismic ground in which our world continues to shift.

For more information and ticket info visit: https://www.telluridearts.org/new-events/2021/9/3/telluride-film-festival-bh2wp-y2sj3-x632a-az3wl-8rskt-f4ajk-jll9l-nyewp-ltn7j

Part I (6:30pm)

  • Warren Gilbreath - Live music performance

Part II (7:30pm)

  • a moment west (2020, 16 min) by Noah Rosenberg

Part III (8:00pm)

  • If The Edges Start to Hurt (2019, 3:44 min) by Emma Piper-Burket
  • A Set of Miniatures (2014, 9:00 min) by Jonathan Schwartz
  • Goodbye Thelma (2019, 13:40 min) by Jessica Bardsley
  • What Happens to the Mountain (2016, 12:09) by Christin Turner
  • The City is a Heat Island & our Forests are on Fire (2019, 4:50 min) by Kathleen Rugh
  • Medicine and Magic (2020, 5:00min) by Thirza Cuthand
  • Dislocation Blues (2017, 16:57 min) by Sky Hopinka

Part IV (9:00pm)

  • Stable (2003, 7:00 min) by Robert Todd
  • In The Yards (2020, 22:19 min) by Eileen Roscina
  • Imperial Irrigation (2020, 20:04 min) by Lukas Marxt
  • Driving Dinosaurs (2019, 19:19 min) by Emma Piper-Burket”

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Telluride Transfer Warehouse - Telluride, United States


Monday, August 2, 2021 - 18:30



Monday, August 2, 2021 - 18:30
  • 201 S Fir St
    81435   Telluride, Colorado
    United States
    37° 56' 11.5584" N, 107° 48' 45.0972" W