Film's Not Dead!

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There is a number of filmmakers worldwide who have the distinction of making themselves the emulsion which they then use to shoot. From October 27 to November 2, L'Abominable has invited a few of them to spend a week together in La Courneuve for the "Maddox Seminar", a time together for exchange and experimentation, sharing and transmission.

On this occasion, we propose a session with films by Will Rifer from Mire in Nantes, Robert Schaller from the Handmade Film Institute in Colorado, Lindsay McIntyre from Montréal, Kevin Rice from Process Reversal (Colorado & NY), Esther Urlus from Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam and a 30-minute 16mm live performance by Alex MacKenzie.

- Analogies (Will Rifer, Super-8, 4', 2014)
- In Lightning Agnes (Robert Schaller, 16 mm, 1', 2014)
- Through Life (Robert Schaller, 16mm, 4?, 2014)
- Where we stand (Lindsay McIntyre, 16mm sur vidéo, 5', 2014)
- Konrad & Kursfurst (Esther Urlus, 16mm, 7', 2014)
- Logbook (Alex MacKenzie, 16mm live performance, 30')




Saturday, November 1, 2014 - 20:30
  • 1 Allée du Progrès
    93120   La Courneuve, Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
    48° 55' 38.118" N, 2° 23' 30.66" E