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CIRCUIT and Pyramid Club welcome French-American avant garde filmmaker, curator and musician Maximilien Luc Proctor to Aotearoa for a screening of his 16mm film works.

Ranging from the Arcadian village of Raftis to the American Southwest, he records oblique impressions with a sharp eye for composition and an intuitive sense of rhythm, gently arguing in favor of the minor and the fleeting” - Phil Coldiron

Maximilien Luc Proctor graduated from the University of Oklahoma with honours in Film and Media Studies in 2014 before moving to Heidelberg, where he shot his first feature film, FRAGMENTS OF A MEMORY OF A FILM. In 2017 he moved to Berlin and completed his second feature film, SREĆAN PUT, in 2021. He records music in the band Two Nice Catholic Boys, is the founder and a co-editor of the Berlin-based film blog Ultra Dogme and the avant-garde instructor for Berlin’s Art-on-the-Run film school.

In Wellington, Proctor will be showing a half-hour reel of his in-camera edited work from the past two years, bringing last year’s New York screening at Spectacle to the Southern hemisphere. Specific to this screening will be the world premiere of his newest work, Seasonal Concerns, a cross-fading portrait of the East-German-era statues which populate the Weissensee lake near the filmmaker’s home. Developing a visual language which picks up various aesthetic threads from Teo Hernández, Rose Lowder and Jerome Hiler, Proctor presents a reel which works through his budding relationship with the Bolex.

List of Works:

  • ALL THE BEST (2022. 3 min. 16mm.)
  • CRUCES (2023. 6 min. 16mm.)
  • WASHINGTON (UNTITLED) (2023. 4 min. 16mm.)
  • FLUID DYNAMICS: STEADY FLOW (2022. 4 min. 16mm.)
  • FLUID DYNAMICS: UNSTEADY FLOW (2022. 2 min. 16mm.)
  • RAFTI(S) (2022. 2 min. 16mm.)
  • (against interpretation) (2023. 4 min. 16mm.)
  • FLUID FRAGMENTS (2023. 4 min. 16mm.)
  • SEASONAL CONCERNS (2024. 3 min. 16mm)

Special thanks to Creative New Zealand for supporting Pyramid Club's programme.


Pyramid Club - Wellington , New Zealand


Saturday, March 9, 2024 - 20:00



Saturday, March 9, 2024 - 20:00


  • 272 Taranaki Street, Mount Cook
    6011   Wellington
    New Zealand
    41° 17' 58.5888" S, 174° 46' 28.6896" E