Filmarmalade DVD launch 2010

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Do We Have To Play This Game? (Kristian De La Riva and Emily Russell, 2007)Filmarmalade DVD launch 2010
Sunday October 3rd , 17h
BFI Delegate Centre, BFI Southbank
Belvedere Road, SE1 8XT, London UK

Filmarmalade is a new and exciting London-based publisher and DVD label specialising in contemporary artists' film and video works. For the second year running, the Filmstore is proud to host the launch of Filmarmalade's latest batch: four new works by artists Ralitza Petrova, Kristian de la Riva, Emily Russell, Luciano Zubillaga and Aukje Dekker. To mark the launch of the 2010 series we will be screening the films at a free launch event and we're thrilled to have the artists present for the launch.

The DVDs are offered as a limited first edition of 50 and include the artists' film and a series of specially - commissioned extended interview featurettes with Andrew Fisher, Helen De Witt, Dan Smith, Gary Colcough, Elena Crippa, Cally Spooner, Paul O’Kane and Katie Guggenheim.

Free, but booking is essential. Please call the BFI Box Office on 020 7928 3232 to book. Not suitable for under-15s.

- Versus (Aukje Dekker, Netherlands, 2006, 10 min)
Aukje Dekker’s Versus, records the artist first kissing then headbutting a boxing ball continuously for 10 minutes as a single take performance to camera. Such acts of apparent meaninglessness, allow Dekker to mediate on the status of value in a world without transcendence, which through her acts of banal repetition, create a frame of reference that can ultimately liberate us from the existential void we are all bound to eternally rehearse.
Aukje Dekker recently exhibited work at the Gallery Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, the Camden Arts Centre, London, the Venice Biennial and at the Crypt Gallery, London. She was born in Holland and lives and works in Amsterdam.

- Music For A Missing Film (Luciano Zubillaga, UK, 2009, 29 min)
Luciano Zubillaga’s Music For A Missing Film, traces the spiritual and material remnants of the lost film El Huerco made in Venezuela in 1962, through exploring the aesthetics of film restoration, reconstruction and montage in the context of a fading collective memory. The surviving stills from the film along with the original classical score provide a foundation for which Zubillaga creates a complex world of loss, remembrance and interrogation.
Luciano Zubillaga recently exhibited work at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art and at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. He was born in Argentina and lives and works in London.

- Do We Have To Play This Game? (Kristian De La Riva and Emily Russell, UK, 2007, 5 min)
- Cut (Kristian De La Riva, UK, 2009, 3 min)
Kristian De La Riva and Emily Russell’s Do We Have To Play This Game? describes through a series of rotoscoped animated self-portraits, the sadomasochistic rituals of power that underlay all sexual relationships. This theme is further explored within Riva’s latest solo work, Cut, which explores the sense of trauma experienced after a significant personal loss, through the cartoonesque violent dismemberment of the human body as a radical strategy for cutting away all that hurts.
Kristian De La Riva recently exhibited work at the BCA Gallery, Bedford, the Globe Gallery, Newcastle, the Oriel Davies Gallery, Powys and at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London. He was born in the United Kingdom and lives and works in London.
Emily Russell recently exhibited work at the Foundling Museum, London, the Globe Gallery, Newcastle, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, Kettles Yard, Cambridge and at the Site Gallery, Sheffield. She was born in the United Kingdom and lives and works in London.

- By The Grace Of God (Ralitza Petrova, UK, 2009, 37 min)
Ralitza Petrova’s By The Grace Of God, follows the tragic odyssey of the character Jürgen, whose attempt to make contact with his imagined mother, the Queen of England, leads him to a sense of personal crisis, of aporia. Petrova’s film portrays Jürgen as a tormented outsider, ill at ease with the travails of contemporary life, who is destined to be ‘a man out of time’, a nobody searching for his illuminated heroes.
Ralitza Petrova recently exhibited work at the Cannes International Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris and at the Rio International Film Festival. She was born in Bulgaria and lives and works in London.


BFI Southbank - London, Reino Unido


Sunday, October 3, 2010 - 17:00 to Monday, October 4, 2010 - 16:55



Sunday, October 3, 2010 - 17:00 to Monday, October 4, 2010 - 16:55


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