Film Poems: Amplifying Mysteries

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A momentary poem made from inner objects, a dream crawling out of a house deep in the forest, and countless insect lights coming up from the ground, this program floats and sinks in luminous mysteries. These mysteries will only be revealed quietly when a beam of light from the projector hits the screen in the dark. A film, a poem, a writer, a secret. (c.h.l.)

These pieces hold a certain enigmatic quality, captivating us with abstract imagery that shimmers with seductive glamor. Their opaque and ambiguous nature prompts us to contemplate the meaning behind their intricacies. (S.Y.)

Artists in attendance include Charlotte Pryce, Julia Sáenz Lorduy, Xiao Zhang, and Yanbin Zhao.

Doors 7:30pm; Screening 8pm @ Whammy! Analog Media

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Poetry Reading:

collaged sonnets by Julia Sáenz Lorduy


  • A Throwing Forth by Xiao Zhang (2023, 6:04, Color, Sound, 16mm > digital)‍
  • let me tell you a secret by Yanbin Zhao (2023, 4:31, B/W, Sound, 16mm > digital)
  • Rosha by Sujin Lee ( 2022, 04:27, B/W, Silent, 16mm > digital)
  • and so it came about (A Tale of Consequential Dormancy) by Charlotte Pryce (2023, 13:00, Color, Sound 16mm, S8mm and magic lantern slides > digital)
  • La Notte Salva (The Saved Night) (2019) by Giuseppe Boccassini (2019, 11:53, Color-B/W, Sound, Found footage and 16mm > Mini DV)
  • echoed silence by Jangwook Lee (1998, 8:00, Color, Silent,16mm > digital)
  • With the tide, with the tide by Anna Kipervaser (2022, 3:00, Color, Sound, 16mm)

*digital and film projection
*runtime 65 min

Curated by Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu & Seokyoung Yang

Image courtesy of filmmaker, and so it came about (A Tale of Consequential Dormancy) by Charlotte Pryce


Whammy! Analog - Los Angeles, Estados Unidos


Saturday, June 10, 2023 - 20:00



Saturday, June 10, 2023 - 20:00


  • 2514 Sunset Blvd.
    90026   Los Angeles, California
    Estados Unidos
    34° 4' 46.524" N, 118° 16' 11.0208" W