Festival Les Instants Vidéo

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Festival Les Instants Vidéo is dedicated to video arts, digital and poetic (monobands, installations, performances, multimedia... ), it is a laboratory where international renowned artists and works of arts can meet with works that are more fragile, still in progress, delicates. We do not give a theme, but every year we give a title to our manifestation like one does for a collection of poems: “Burn your own patience”, “Resistance my sweet concern”, “Man is earth walking”, “And we are beautiful”, “You wanted me a virgin, I wanted you less dumb”…. Each one of the artists can take it into account or not. 

The festival takes place every November in Marseilles Friche la Belle de Mai , but either before or after, we act in concert with partners to organise the festival stopovers in other spaces in Marseille, the Region…and abroad. We like to name the whole stopovers a poetronic constellation. 

We pay much attention to encounters (artists/audiences/art works) and try to draw out new connections.

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Thursday, November 11, 2021 (All day)