Festival Ecrã 2018 - Selected films

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Festival Ecrã has announced the list of selected films that will comprise its 2018 edition (July 17th to 22nd, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro).

Selected Fesature films
- 1048 LUAS (1048 Lunes, France, 2017) Directed by: Charlotte Serrand. 60 min.
- BURACO NEGRO (Brazil, 2018) Directed by: Helena Lessa & Petrus de Bairros. 70 min.
- CACAYA (USA, 2017) Directed by: Peter Azen. 79 min.
- CUMP4RSIT4 (Argentina, 2017) Directed by: Raul Perrone. 77 min.
- EL MAR LA MAR (USA, 2017) Directed by: J.P Sniadecki & Joshua Bonnetta. 94 min.
- EQUINÓCIO DE OUTONO (Fall Equinox, USA, 2016) Directed by: James Benning. 63 min.
- EQUINÓCIO DE PRIMAVERA (Spring Equinox, USA, 2016) Directed by: James Benning. 64 min.
- ILHAS FANTASMAS (Phantom Islands, Ireland, 2018) Directed by: Rouzbeh Rashidi. 86 min.
- IMO (Brazil, 2018) Directed by: Bruna Schelb Corrêa. 67 min.
- MUNDO SEM FIM (SEM INCIDENTES REPORTADOS) (World Without End (No Incidents Reported, USA, 2016) Directed by: Jem Cohen. 60 min.
- NÃO ME FALE SOBRE RECOMEÇOS (Brazil, 2016) Directed by: Arthur Tuoto. 70 min.
- POR DENTRO (Inside, Ireland, 2017) Directed by: Vicky Lagan & Maximilian Le Cain. 70 min.
- REINO ANIMAL (Animal Kingdom, Ireland, 2017) Directed by: Dean Kavanagh. 120 min.
- SLEEP HAS HER HOUSE (UK, 2017) Directed by: Scott Barley. 90 min.

Selected Medium-length films
- O CAVALEIRO DAS RUÍNAS (Ruins Rider, Canada/Montenegro, 2017) Directed by: Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt. 49 min.           
- O RARO EVENTO (The Rare Event, Suíça/France/UK, 2018) Directed by: Ben Rivers & Ben Russel. 48 min.
- ROCHAS EM FORMA DE VENTO (Rocas en forma de viento, Mexico/Argentina/Iceland, 2017) Directed by: Eduardo Makoszay. 44 min.

Selected Short films
- Catálogo (Catalogue, USA, 2014). Directed by: Dana Berman Duff. 7 min.
- Catálogo Vol. 6 (Catalogue Vol. 6, USA, 2016) Directed by Dana Berman Duff. 11min.
- Confidente (Brazil, 2016) Directed by: Karen Akerman & Miguel Seabra. 12 min.
- O Dilema do Porco Espinho (Il Dilemma dell’istrice, Italia, 2016) Directed by: Emanuele Dainot & Alessandro G. Capuzzi 8 min.
- Ecstasy (China, 2015) Directed by: Di Hu. 12 min.
- O Espírito da Noite (Lo Spiritto de la Notte, Italia, 2018) Directed by: Manfredo Manfredi 12 min.
- Esses Dias de Claridade (Brazil, 2018) Directed by: Gabriel Papaléo. 9 min.
- Fluxorama (Brazil, 2018) Directed by: Wilson Oliveira Jr. & José Guindane. 9 min.
- Hic (Brazil, 2017) Directed by: Alexander dos Santos Buck. 15 min.
- Landscape (idem,Brazil,2017) Directed by: Luiz Rosemberg Filho. 16min.
- Mvi (Brazil, 2018) Directed by: Coletivo Olhares. 20 min.
- Pachinko (USA/Japan, 2017) Directed by: Luis Grane 4 min.
- Pensamento Intenso (Wishful Thinking, Canada, 2017) Directed by: Allan Brown. 13 min
- Um Quarto (A Room, Hong Kong, 2016) Directed by: Chong Ming 22 min.
- Rock das Galinhas (Brazil, 2017) Directed by: Marco Antônio Pereira. 2min.
- Seaworld (UK, 2015) Directed by: Hing Tsang. 19 min.
- Solo (Soil, Turquia, 2017) Directed by: Alican Durbas 18 min.
- Solon (Brazil, 2016) Directed by: Clarissa Campolina. 16 min.
- A Sombra do seu Sorriso (The Shadow of Your Smile, Rusia, 2014) Directed by: Alexei Dmitriev 3 min.
- Vortex (Portugal, 2017) Directed by: Alexandre Alagôa 9 min.
- XCTRY (USA, 2018) Directed by: Bill Brown 6min.


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