Experimental Spotlight: Palm of the Hand Cinema

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Over the course of his long writing career, Yasunari Kawabata produced more than one hundred “palm of the hand stories”: pieces often under a page in length that adopt a brisk writing style. This collection of avant-garde moving image works approach the short form with tantamount innovation, featuring miniature subjects, handmade special effects and personal perspectives, crafting small-scale productions that speak to the full richness of sensory experience.

Part of Japan Cuts 2019.


- Mountain (Isamu Hirabayashi, 2017. 8 min.)
An overturned dung beetle confronts social exclusion and the promises of a benevolent mountain spirit in this delightful short pregnant with meaning.

- FLUFFICTION (Yoshiki Imazu, 2018. 7 min.)
“Today we are going to introduce the magical kingdom of charming fluffy animals that is rapidly finding its way into our daily lives.”

- A Snowflake into the Night (Yoko Yuki, 2018. 6 min.)
The interconnected natural world is rendered newly tactile through stop-motion animation in Yoko Yuki’s transcendent tale of changing seasons.

- Living in the Story (Lynn Estomin, 2018. 15 min.)
A fast-moving documentary portrait of the late Japanese American artist Patrick Nagatani and his fantastical constructed photographs.

- 100percentElectrical (Yoko Yuki, 2017. 15 min.)
A trip to Thailand unwinds across multiple channels of media during a casual bathhouse conversation between the filmmaker and Foodman, who also provided music.

- The Dawn of Ape (Mirai Mizue, 2019. 4 min.)
Mirai Mizue’s familiar amoeba-like cells cross with kinetic sketched lines and shapes in a colorful burst of energy suited for all audiences. Music by Twoth.

- A Japanese Boy Who Draws (Masanao Kawajiri, 2018. 20 min.)
The anguish of a life bent on self-expression is found in this remarkable short named winner of Pia Film Festival’s 2018 Gemstone Award (Nikkatsu Prize).


Japan Society - New York,, United States


Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 17:45



Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 17:45


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