Experimental films and book presentation with Hannes Schüpbach

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Book presentation and screening of the films Essais & Instants with Hannes Schüpbach. November 16th, Metropolis, Kinemathek Hamburg
Experimental films with book presentation: Hannes Schüpbach
With guests and conversation

CH 2012, Hannes Schüpbach, 16 min., 16mm, silent
Something happens in the instants, it happens for and within us. Like the girl who enters the picture as a wind goddess, and whose movement solidifies into gestures, a sequence of stationary images. The film is dedicated to a central interface of the arts: the photographic, cinematic or literary moment, with its “appearance” or “incursion,” represents a performative opening in the passage of time that radically breaks through any notion of linearity.

CH 2020, Hannes Schüpbach, 43 min., 16mm, silent
Hannes Schüpbach dialogues with Kira Blazek Ziaii, Stephen Watts, Éléonore Bernard, Heba Raphaëlle Meffre, Flurin Cuonz, Marco Baschera and Jiajia Zhang about a movement from oneself - in dance, poetry, fashion, music and language. How singular are our gestures? Where do transitions between people come into play? Where does a common cultural space emerge? With this experiment, Schüpbach addresses a central element of artistic creation.

Guests: Hannes Schüpbach and Oskar Gosch


Metropolis Kino Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany


Thursday, November 16, 2023 - 17:00



Thursday, November 16, 2023 - 17:00
  • Kleine Theaterstraße 10
    53° 33' 22.9788" N, 9° 59' 18.8736" E