Epical Poems: Friedrich/Carasco

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From Experimental to Essay Films #1

Sink or Swim is a sophisticated poetic ode addressed by Su Friedrich to his father, a linguist who left his family when the filmmaker was a child. Raymonde Carasco formally revisits the myth of Gradiva, causing the pathological symptoms to migrate (in response to Freud's study of the text of the writer Jensen) towards plastic variations in which thought becomes form. Two dissymmetrical approaches of the "essayist cinema" under the sign of the questioning of the fathers (direct for Su Friedrich, linked to the archetypes in Raymonde Carasco).

- Gradiva Esquisse I (Raymonde Carasco, France, 1978, 25’, 16mm)
- Sink Or Swim (Su Friedrich, USA, 1990, 48’, 16mm)

About The Cycle:
In 1974, the British theorist Peter Wollen wanted a junction between the "two avant-gardes", the American from the cooperatives (Mekas, Snow, Sharits, Brakhage) and the European with an essayist vocation (Godard, Straub, Marker, Farocki). This hybridisation between artistic traditions, genres, media has been a strong programmatic gesture for twenty years at Jeu de Paume, where they've screened Artavazd Pelechian, Jean-Luc Godard, Alain Fleischer, Yoko Ono, Serguei Paradjanov, Boris Lehman, Patrick Bokanowski among others. In reviewing our catalog and some of our programming, we wished to give a brief overview of these trends.

Cycle proposed by Raphael Bassan, critic and historian specialist in experimental cinema. Programming committee: Raphaël Bassan, Victor Gresard, Pierre Merejkowsky, Laurence Rebouillon.

One session per month (December 2016-June 2017)
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