Earth Message. Arthur and Corinne Cantrill and landscape cinema

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In many of the films by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill there are no stories, no characters, but we are facing the landscape and its research done through cinema, with a materialistic and ecological concern. Shifting the landscape from the background to the foreground has posed many challenges to these Australian filmmakers, which led them to develop different filming strategies, relating the filmic forms with the forms of the places.

In addition to bringing to the forefront the rudeness and rigor of the Australian landscape, these filmmakers investigate the perception and materiality of the image itself, asking questions about the nature of cinema and its ability to create other worlds. Issues that refer us not only to the relationship between cinema and the observation of nature, but also to the filmic experimentation of primitive cinema, in particular to the first experiments on color.

The films that we will see in this cycle were made starting from the seventies, after the return of the Cantrills to Australia, when they were dazzled again with the light and the color of their landscape. It was a very intense creative period in which the filmmakers made a set of films that also investigated multiprojection and the possibilities of color. It was at this very moment that they created the Cantrills Filmnotes, a publication they published over almost 30 years.

November 28, 17h
Introduction + Q&A: Adrian Martin, Celeste Araújo, Alberte Pagán.
- At Eltham, a Metaphor on Death (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1974, 24 minutes, 16mm)

November 28, 20:30h
Introduction: Celeste Araújo, Oriol Sánchez
- Earth Message (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1970, 23 minutes, 16mm)
- At Uluru (Arthur & Cantrill, 1977, 80 minutes, 16mm)

November 29, 18h
Introduction: Celeste Araújo, Oriol Sánchez
- The Second Journey (To Uluru) (Arthur & Cantrill, 1981, 74 minutes, DCP)

November 29, 20:30h
Introduction: Celeste Araújo, Oriol Sánchez
- Bouddi (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1970, 8 minutes, 16mm)
- Island Fuse (Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill, 1971, 11 minutes, 16mm)
- Ocean at Point Lookout (Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill, 1977, 46 minutes, 16mm)

November 30, 18h
Introduction: Celeste Araújo, Oriol Sánchez
- Experiments in Three-Colour Separation (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1980, 21 minutes, 16mm)
- Notes on the Passage of Time (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1979, 17 minutes, 16mm)
- Waterfall (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1984, 18 minutes, 16mm)
- Warrah (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1980, 15 minutes, 16mm)
- Garden of Chromatic Disturbance (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1998, 13 minutes, 16mm)
- The Room of Chromatic Mystery (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 2006, 7 minutes, DCP)

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The Second Journey (To Uluru) (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1981)
The Second Journey (To Uluru) (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 1981)



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