Early Monthly Segments #70: Mary Helena Clark

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This month, Early Monthly Segments is very pleased to host a screening of 16mm films by US-based filmmaker Mary Helena Clark. Clark is in Toronto to work on a new film based on Franco Moretti’s book Signs Taken for Wonders, the title of which could be an apt description of much of Clark’s filmography. Clark’s films place emphasis on fragments and momentary discoveries, whether the physical imprints of rotting textbooks found in a deserted school, as in After Writing, the very material detritus on a well-worn film print of Jean Cocteu’s Orphée, highlighted in Orpheus (outtakes), or the way traveling through an iconic city like San Francisco, featured in The Dragon is the Frame, can capture references to moments gone-by—both universal and personal.

Clark's work will be shown in the context of three additional films that she has selected as complement, Amy Halpern’s brief and bright Invocation, Scott Stark’s amusing carpetuum mobile Hotel Cartograph, and Stephen Connolly’s multivalent expression on the idea of the Commons, The Whale.

Co-presented with Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

- Invocations (Amy Halpern, 1982, USA, 16mm, 2 min)
- Orpheus (outtakes) (Mary Helena Clark, 2012, USA, 16mm, 6 min)
- Sound Over Water (Mary Helena Clark, 2009, USA, 16mm, 6 min)
- Hotel Cartograph (Scott Stark, 1983, USA, 16mm, 12 min)
- After Writing (Mary Helena Clark, 2008, USA, 16mm, 4 min)
- The Dragon is the Frame (Mary Helena Clark, 2014, USA, 16mm, 14 min)
- The Whale (Stephen Connolly, 2003, UK, 16mm, 9 min)

5-10$ suggested donation



Monday, February 16, 2015 - 20:00


  • 1214 Queen St West
    M6J 1J6   Toronto, Ontario
    43° 38' 34.134" N, 79° 25' 37.056" W