Dirty Looks: Tom Rhoads (Luther Price)

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Dirty Looks: Tom Rhoads (Luther Price)
Tuesday, March 26 2013, 19h
The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011
Luther Price in attendance

Tom Rhoads was one of the artistic alter egos of Boston filmmaker Luther Price, whose films were recently described in the New York Times as "entrancingly delicate, implicitly violent works, [where] life, chance, obsessive art making and an intense artistic psyche... flashes before your eyes." Before his infamous film Sodom (1989), Price invented different personae, living these roles in order to execute a breadth of artistic projects. Tom Rhoads marked his first foray into filmmaking. An infantile psyche in the body of an adult, Rhoads was the vessel for some of the artist's most introspective and psychodramatic films. Working in the small-gauge Super 8 format, Rhoads' projects are visceral explorations of trauma, "home movies from hell," repetitive explosions of personal memory and familial guilt. "A nice guy," Price describes Rhoads as the kind of man, "who would buy you an ice cream cone." Tom Rhoads is dead. Long live Luther Price.

- Green (Super 8, 30 min., 1988)
- Mr. Wonderful (Super 8, 10 min., 1988)
- Warm Broth (Super 8, 36 min., 1987/88)