'Dice Roll' by Arran Tenzin Bradstock – art(ist)FILM 2022

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Dice Roll, a new experimental film by Arran Tenzin Bradstock, is set to be screened as part of art(ist)FILM 2022, a curated programme taking place in the RoryGallagher Theatre in MTU Bishopstown, a partnership between MTU Arts Office and IndieCork Film Festival. In addition to this screening, Arran's film XENOBLAST made in collaboraiton with Maximilian Le Cain is screening the following day, October 4th, at IndieCork (click here for more details).

Arran is a filmmaker and musician from Cork, Ireland, studying for a PhD in Music at UCC. He has had work screened at other festivals such as Fastnet Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, and Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival. Most recently, his short OVERLAP was screened at Bloomsday Film Festival 2022 and IndieCork Film Festival 2021 featured 4 of his works presented as a Special Programme. 


Dice Roll (2021, 5 minutes): 'A presentation of two independently made pieces, one audio and one video, both of which explore compositional approaches that allow creative decisions to be made by the rolling of dice. As the viewer-listener is invited to immerse themselves in an audiovisual space of texture, movement and abstraction, the line between random chance and personal intention is questioned and blurred.'

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Monday, October 3, 2022 - 13:00



Monday, October 3, 2022 - 13:00