Devoted Songs, The Films Of Nathaniel Dorsky

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IFI & Experimental Film Club present:
Devoted Songs, The Films Of Nathaniel Dorsky

The devotional cinema of American filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky is a rare treasure that allows for a distinct experience of time and meditation. His films blend a poetic and introspective view of his environments with an exploration of the different cognitive and emotional associations that can be established between one shot and the next.

Available to view only on 16mm, this programme of Dorsky’s films, curated by EFC member Esperanza Collado in collaboration with Lumiére magazine, represents a truly unique opportunity to experience this important work. The programme features three films: The Visitation, the first of Dorsky’s Devoted Songs; Winter, a seasonal portrait of New York; and Alaya, one of the filmmaker’s most radical and structural works.

- The Visitation (18 mins, 2002, Colour, Silent, 16mm)
- Winter (22 min, 2008, Colour, Silent, 16mm)
- Alaya (28 mins, 1976-87, Colour, Silent, 16mm)

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The Visitation (Nathaniel Dorsky, 2002)


Irish Film Institute - Dublin, Ireland


Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 18:30



Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 18:30
  • 6 Eustace Street
    Temple Bar
    2   Dublin
    53° 20' 40.6464" N, 6° 15' 53.7804" W