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September 17 – October 21
presented by San Francisco Cinematheque
curated by Steve Polta

CROSSROADS 2021 is the twelfth manifestation of Cinematheque’s annual film festival. CROSSROADS 2021 features 61 works of film and video by 66 artists representing 22 countries and territories presented in 9 curated programs. Get the thrill of the online festival experience by joining us for a series of scheduled livestreams September 17–23 and/or join us at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater October 16 & 17 as Cinematheque returns to theatrical screenings! All online programs available on a view-when-desired basis September 23–October 21.

Crossroads 2021 Livestreams Presented September 17–23 (7pm PDT)


CROSSROADS 2021 program 1
Livestream Premiere: Friday, September 17 7pm PDT
tendrils on a plane
SCREENING: Primavera (2020) by Adrian Garcia Gomez (US); Pilgrimage (2020) by Anthony Buchanan (US); Blue Distance (2021) by Devin Jie Allen (US); Parenthesis (2021) by Vasilios Papaioannu (US, Greece, Italy); Rehearsal (2020) by Talena Sanders (US); June July (2021) by Kevin Jerome Everson (US); life, like water, flows to greater bodies (2020) by Takahiro Suzuki (US/Japan); Tres bocetos de casa (2020) by Azucena Losana (Mexico/Argentina); a moment west (2020) by Noah Rosenberg (US). Full details here.

CROSSROADS 2021 program 2
Livestream Premiere: Saturday, September 18 7pm PDT
a future so bright
SCREENING: Masters of the Land (2021) by Jan Locus (Belgium); you’re a plant whisperer and for me, it’s enough (2019) by Julien Champagne & Charlotte Clermont (Canada); La cuarta plantación (2020) by Azucena Losana (Mexico/Argentina); Lucina Annulata (2020) by Charlotte Clermont (Canada); force (2020) by Jennie MaryTai Liu & Simon Liu (US/Hong Kong); People on Sunday (2020) by Tulapop Saenjaroen (US). Full details here.

CROSSROADS 2021 program 3
Livestream Premiere: Sunday, September 19 7pm PDT
ascent into now
SCREENING: Labor of Love (2020) by Sylvia Schedelbauer (Germany);  The Mouth is Still a Wild Door (2020) by Guta Galli & Anne Lesley Selcer (US/Brazil);  The Guy on the Bed (2020) by Mike Hoolboom (Canada); Black Square (2020) by Peter Burr (US); Revenant (2020) by Madison Brookshire & Tashi Wada (US); Mustererkenntnis/Pattern Cognition (2019) by Thorston Fleisch (Germany); sub vid heap (2020) by Jennie MaryTai Liu (US/Hong Kong); Displaced (2020) by Bettina Hoffman (Germany/Canada); Oceano Mare (2020) by Antoinette Zwirchmayr (Austria). Full details here.

CROSSROADS 2021 program 4
Livestream Premiere: Monday, September 20 7pm PDT
darkness provides protection
SCREENING: Because the Sky is Blue (2021) by Wenhua Shi (China/US); Footnote to a Season (2021) by Julia Dogra-Brazell (UK); Black Vulture (2021) by Kevin Jerome Everson (US); Recursive Lattice (2020) by J.M. Martínez (US); Fleur (2020) by Susan DeLeo (US); absolving the valve (2021) by Alix Blevins (US); Move (2021) by Douglas Urbank (US); Dad is Gone (2020) by Pere Ginard (Spain); The Visitors (2020) by Milton Secchi & Liyan Zhao (Argentina/US); Interstices Volume III (2019) by Kyle Whitehead, with Ale Samaniego, Jeremy Moss and John Porter (Canada). Full details here.

CROSSROADS 2021 program 5
Livestream Premiere: Tuesday, September 21 7pm PDT
inside this shared life
SCREENING: Notes, Imprints (On Love): Part II, Carmela (2020) by Alexandra Cuesta (US/Ecuador); Not (a) part (2019) by Vicky Smith (UK); Who Wants to Fall in Love? (2019) by Emily Margaret Van Loan (US); 心 (Heart Radical 61) (2020) by Erin Espelie (US); 10:28,30 (2019) by Paige Taul (US); Perfect Fifths (2021) by Courtney Stephens (US); Self Portrait with Bag (2020) by Dianna Barrie (Australia); Toad, Leaf, Grass, Rock (2020) by Federica Foglia (Canada); pài-la̍k ē-poo (saturday afternoon) (2020) by Erica Sheu (Taiwan). Full details here.

CROSSROADS 2021 program 6
Livestream Premiere: Wednesday, September 22 7pm PDT
this called moving
SCREENING: Arch (2021) by Jeremy Moss & Pamela Vail (US); Optimum Continuum 3.1 (2020) by Amir George (US); SEA 404 (2019) by Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu & Michael Pisaro (Taiwan/US); ending 2 (2020) by Phillip Hoffman & Isiah Medina (Canada);. Love in the Time of Erosion (2021) by Morrison Gong (China/US); Misery Next Time (2021) by Rajee Samarasinghe (Sri Lanka); a so-called archive (2020) by Onyeka Igwe (UK)Full details here.

CROSSROADS 2021 program 7
Livestream Premiere: Thursday, September 23 7pm PDT
no more carefree laughter
SCREENING: the most fragile of species (2021) by Michael Campos-Quinn (US); untitled (teeming) (2021) by Gina Basso (US); Eidolon (2020) by Mike Rollo (Canada); Zero Length Spring (2021) by Ross Meckfessel (US); uchronia, no.1 (2020) by Kamila Kuc (Poland/UK); re:exposure (2020) by Vicky Smith (UK); Kitchen Beets (2019) by Bea Haut (UK); News From Nowhere (2020) by Ben Balcom (US); Ghazal no 884 By Bidel (2020) by Niyaz Saghari (Iran/UK); The House Is Empty (2021) by Dana Berman Duff (US). Full details here.

CROSSROADS at the Roxie 1
in the distance
1:30pm on Saturday, October 16 at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater
tickets available soon!
SCREENING: earthearthearth (2021) by Daïchi Saïto (Canada/Japan); Recursive Lattice (2020) by J.M. Martínez (US);  Displaced (2020) by Bettina Hoffman (Germany/Canada); Primavera (2020) by Adrian Garcia Gomez (US); The Pendulum (2021) by Linda Scobie (US); June July (2021) by Kevin Jerome Everson (US); The House Is Empty (2021) by Dana Berman Duff (US). Full details here.

CROSSROADS at the Roxie 2
need falls away
1:30pm on Sunday, October 17 at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater
tickets available soon!
SCREENING: untitled (teeming) (2021) by Gina Basso (US); The Mouth is Still a Wild Door (2020) by Guta Galli & Anne Lesley Selcer (US/Brazil); Rehearsal (2020) by Talena Sanders (US); absolving the valve (2021) by Alix Blevins (US); Zero Length Spring (2021) by Ross Meckfessel (US); Blue Distance (2021) by Devin Jie Allen (US); Not (a) part (2019) by Vicky Smith (UK); Oceano Mare (2020) by Antoinette Zwirchmayr (Austria); Labor of Love (2020) by Sylvia Schedelbauer (Germany). Full details here.


Friday, September 17, 2021 (All day) to Thursday, October 21, 2021 (All day)



Friday, September 17, 2021 (All day) to Thursday, October 21, 2021 (All day)