CRANC #18: Edwin Rostron

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Edwin Rostron is one of the most interesting British experimental animators of the moment. His films work mainly with drawings, with non-predetermined animation processes that allow the unconscious and surprise to enter. His personal graphic style merges with imagery and found sounds, creating a unique and non-transferable universe. In this session we will see a representative selection of his personal work, from an initial piece made at the university to his most recent films. He will present the premiere of his latest film The Asphodel Phases (2019).

Edwin Rostron is also the person behind Edge of Frame, a blog and a program of projections focused on the world of the most experimental and interesting animation. 

Screening woth the presence of the filmmaker.

- Assault Reflex (1998) - 2mins
- Morris and the Other (2007) - 4mins
- Of Unknown Origin (2010) - 3mins
- Visions of the Invertebrate (2011) - 2.5mins
- Cul-de-sac of Mortality (2012) - 1 min
- Watching Mysteries With My Mother (2012) - 2mins
- Our Selves Unknown (2014) 3mins
- The Asphodel Phases (2019) 24mins



Friday, May 17, 2019 - 20:30


  • C/ de la Legalitat, 18
    Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 24' 28.0548" N, 2° 9' 35.082" E