CRANC #13: Eugeni Bonet

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Eugeni Bonet (Barcelona, 1954) is a scholar & specialist in avant-garde cinema, video creation and electronic arts. Since the mid-1970s, he has been working on these disciplines both from a theoretical and from a practical perspective. Throughout his long career he has interspersed programming, curating and writing - Spanish experimental cinema, the beginnings of video art, calculated cinema, film (de)montage, lettrist cinema, etc. - with the production of films and videos of his own. The selection for the CRANC screening includes found footage works and tributes to the figure of José Val del Omar. In his own words, "This is an apocryphal session. Parts that I usually do not present for questions or conflicts of authorship that refuse, refute and refound. That is not the same as refusing them."

Screening with the presence of the artist.


- Des/Siesta (2000, with Maite Ninou) 14'
- Hora Dada (2000, with Maite Ninou) 9' 45"
- Puñados de Tiempo (2004) 8' 49”
- Tira tu reloj al agua: Variaciones sobre una cinegrafía intuida de José Val del Omar (fragment, music by FMOL Trio)
- estampas andaluzas (2010) 26' (from the Festivales de España series on unpiblished materials by José Val del Omar)



Friday, March 23, 2018 - 20:30


  • C/ de la Legalitat, 18
    Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 24' 28.0548" N, 2° 9' 35.082" E