CRANC #07: Lluís de Sola

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On Friday 17 March, at 20:30h, the seventh CRANCsession dedicated to the work of Lluís de Sola will take place at L'Automàtica in Barcelona. Filming 16 mm black-and-white film - with a Bolex camera - and developing the emulsified material in a home lab - with a Lomo tank and photographic fluids - are two of the filmmaker's priority actions. His lyrical gaze, subtly contemplative, introduces narrative suggestions, often of naturalistic cadence. He does so by raising questions about the mechanisms of representation of the cinematographic medium itself.

With the presence of the filmmaker.

- Onades (2014), 16 mm, 3 min, silent
I filmed the waves breaking on the beach and almost inside the camera, which I left inside an impromptu case made with an aquarium. I've run the engine and stepped back. I watched as the sea played to come and go, in a single plane and along the thirty meters available on camera. I have revealed the film with chemicals made with seawater.

- Bosc (2015), 16 mm, 3 min, stereo
I have crossed a forest to go find signs of cinema. And I have found them under some trees, in the form of shadows of branches and leaves. I've caught these projections with a folding movie screen, moving it from place to place. Precisely it is in this screen where the film is projected in each session, accompanied by the sound recorded live during the filming of the images.

(+ 3 min of intervention with projections of micrphponed branches)

- Núvols (2015), 16 mm, 3 min, stereo
A series of clouds drift through the sky in several directions, slowly and quietly, just before a storm. I have revealed this film with solutions prepared with rainwater collected in buckets during some post-filming storms. The sound has been recorded during one of these storms and corresponds to the noise of the raindrops that accumulate in three cubes located at the same point from where the images were filmed.

- Un encanteri (2014), 16 mm, 15 min.
I made this movie from the discarded footage of another longer and heavier movie that I have not yet finished. It is a strange amusement, an elaborate form and idea, which intimately explains some mysterious events that took place in Cerbère not long ago, when a boy went to make movies. With a look on the trail of this cinema, like a spell that breathes in the air and that resonates everywhere, a small voice recalls, imagines and invents a small but transcendent episode of the life of the town, an anecdote with category of myth.

- Mirall (2014), Video 8, 4 min.
What happens to a camcorder when it looks too long at itself in the mirror?

- Los mejores goles del mundial (2017), VHS, 5 min.
I wanted to play torturing the images of two porn movies that for a long time I had recorded on a videotape of the compilation of the best goals of a football world championship. It was torture but also an exorcism.

You are surrounded! Get out with your hands up! (Final surprise)



Friday, March 17, 2017 - 20:30


  • C/ de la Legalitat, 18
    Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 24' 28.0548" N, 2° 9' 35.082" E