Contact: Pairs - Jennifer Nightingale and Simon Payne

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Jennifer Nightingale’s films broadly fall into two categories of ‘pinhole films’ and ‘knitting films’. The pinhole films that she has selected to show here include a new two-screen configuration of West Window, East Window. Other films include pieces from her Cornish Knitting Pattern series, which document the coastal locations where the knitting patterns derive from. The patterns themselves dictate editing decisions.

- Pinhole Film no. 1 (2001) 3mins, 16mm, colour, silent
- West Window, East Window (2013) 6 mins, 16mm, two screen version, colour, silent
- Knitting a Frame (2008) 8mins, 16mm, colour, silent
- Cornish Knitting Pattern Series (including ‘St Ives’, ‘Vicar of Morwenstow’, ‘Newlyn’) (2017)

Simon Payne's videos works are often orientated around hard-edged graphic shapes and transitions. In contrast, the first two works here are ‘mixed media’ pieces. The new work, Intersections, documents the performance of a recent piece of music for two bass clarinets, composed by Michael Parsons. The shooting strategy for Intersections interprets the score.

- Cut Out (2013) 3mins, video, colour, sound
- NOT AND OR (2014) 18mins, video, colour, silent
- Intersections (2017) 9mins, video, colour, sound.

The two additional works that Jennifer and Simon have chosen to show are William Raban's Angles of Incidence (1973, 10mins, 16mm, colour, silent) and Stephen Littman’s Surface Composition (2004) 2 mins, video, b/w, silent.

Contact: Pairs is a new series of film programmes featuring two artists who have shared or contrasting approaches to their mediums. Each artist will present a selection of their recent work alongside other work that has inspired them. The series is a conversation between diverse film and video practices, concerning different modes of production, influential precedents and new ideas. The artists will be present to introduce their work on the night, and the programme notes for the series include a transcription of each pair's prior discussions.



Monday, June 19, 2017 - 19:30


  • 38 Upper Clapton Rd
    E5 8BQ   London
    United Kingdom
    51° 33' 34.5024" N, 0° 3' 22.3704" W