Connectivity Through Cinema with Deborah S. Phillips

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Mono No Aware presents a screening with German filmmaker Deborah S.Philips, including the premiere of her new 16mm works Im Grünen Bereich and Nach Osten Schauen.

- Untitled Colourmation (1992 1 min.)
with music by Wolfgang in der Wiesche
What happens when a painter is encouraged to make moving images... my first film.

- 71 (2005, 7 1/2 min.)
with music by Urban Myth & The Betel Nut Brothers
My red research gained momentum by travelling a lot between 2003- 2006 showing works & discussing aspects of colour with people in different places, like Taipei... didn't have a chance to get my bearings on this short visit presenting films & giving lectures about analogue processes & this film reflects that feeling.

- Capsicum (2008, 11 min.)
with a soundtrack by Ruth Wiesenfeld & Wolfgang in der Wiesche
A personal exploration of culinary, linguistic & other associations with the colour red.

- T'chelet, The Blue Performance (ca. 20 min.)
After delving into red for a few years, it became apparent that it was blue's turn: a colour i prefer, heading off into the blue... everytime this performance is realised, it takes on a very different form.

- Im Grünen Bereich (2017, 13,5 min.)
with a soundtrack by Ruth Wiesenfeld & Wolfgang in der Wiesche
To complete a trilogy of 3 colours of light, a film had to be made examining green. A counterpiece to the complementary colour earlier in the programme. In German, if everything's alright, it's "in the green zone", which is the translation of the title.

- Nach Osten Schauen (2017, 2 min., silent)
The title means "look eastwards": at the architecture and the painting I realised while using this studio

- iiiii (2012, 3 min.)
with a soundtrack by Ruth Wiesenfeld
To conclude the programme, off into the public realm, where everything reflects and is anonymous

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Untitled Colourmation (Deborah S.Philips, 1992)
Untitled Colourmation (Deborah S.Philips, 1992)



Sunday, June 25, 2017 - 19:00
  • 361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn
    New York, Nueva York
    Estados Unidos
    40° 43' 0.0696" N, 73° 56' 47.7924" W