Collective Archival Landscapes

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A space for experiences and questions, kinships and solidarities 09.02.24 - 02.03.24

Opening 09.02.24,  19:00

How do you show love in a movie? Who is your audience? Why do you think you can use archives? Will there be a song in your movie? Why is there so much fear and what can you do about it?

During the workshop ARCHIVAL LANDSCAPES that took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and online throughout 2023 we collected personal stories and family histories, sounds and images and created films using the method of found footage.

The video installation at Cittipunkt e.V. Berlin features short films by Zulyakhon Abdusattarova, Kseniya Gorbacheva, Amin Hikmatov, Gulnoza Irgasheva, Zoia Melikhova, Julia Polikarpova (polycarpicae), Vika Ryskina, Ester Sheinfeld, Angel Trofimova, Saidamir Ubaidullaev, Yana Xarasho and the documentation of our collective practices. With performative and autofictional approaches the short films deconstruct the archival materials in search for possibilities of care and resistance.

LIBRARY In the library you’re invited to meet our friends from independent cultural institutions from Tashkent that share their histories, programs and documentations. 139 Documentary Center — a Tashkent interdisciplinary public space organized by artists, activists, and researchers engaged in local and regional civil society in Central Asia and its larger neighborhood. SOUP — an independent nomadic collective of women* filmmakers. Initiative is an attempt to build an imaginary and dynamic space for performing collective practices and expressing solidarity, acceptance towards each other. Cinema Love — an independent film festival based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan with the focus on works of emerging authors from Central Asia.

SPECIAL SCREENINGS 14.02.24, 19:00   Cinema Love 23 Aks-sado curated by Valeriya Kim A selection of films screened in the competition of Cinema Love film festival 2023 with debut or early works of authors from Central Asia. Films by Assel Aushakimova, Yulia Khvan, Mumin Latifi, Telzhan Nurmakhan, Kamila Rustambekova, Ilgiz Sherniyaz and Askar Yermakhan.

21.02.24, 19:00 Rustle of a Cultural Rearguard curated by Alexey Artamonov and Alexey Ulko Independent video art from Uzbekistan between 2007 and 2017. Films by Umida Akhmedova & Oleg Karpov, Alexander Barkovski, Alexey Ulko and Sid Yanyshev.

Concept: Danila Lipatov and Karen Zimmermann in collaboration with Zulyakhon Abdusattarova, Alexey Artamonov, Kseniya Gorbacheva, Amin Hikmatov, Gulnoza Irgasheva, Timur Karpov, Valeriya Kim, Konstantin Koryagin, Zoia Melikhova, Julia Polikarpova, Vika Ryskina, Sylvia Sadzinski, Ester Sheinfeld, Rita Sokolovskaya, Angel Trofimova, Saidamir Ubaidullaev, Pitt Wenninger and Yana Xarasho

@ CITTIPUNKT e.V. Brüsseler Straße 36A 13359 Berlin Contact: [email protected]

Opening hours: Wednesday 15:00-19:00 Friday 15:00-19:00  Sunday 12:00-16:00


CITTIPUNKT e.V. - Berlin, Germany


Friday, February 9, 2024 (All day) to Saturday, March 2, 2024 (All day)



Friday, February 9, 2024 (All day) to Saturday, March 2, 2024 (All day)


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