Close-Up Film Course: Expanded Cinema

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At the cross-over between performative arts and film, expanded cinema emerged in the mid-60s and is now considered to have influenced many aspects of contemporary media installations and performances. American artist pioneers explored its means in regards to politics and collective participation as well as radical subjective experimentation. In Britain filmmakers used its structural and analytical means to criticise the canons of commercial cinema. After two decades of relentless creativity, expanded cinema briefly faded from the cultural landscape only to resurface in the nineties sub-cultural scene when artists began re-using analogue equipment that was quickly becoming redundant in the film industry. Today, expanded cinema practice is thriving, with many artists exploring its endless means of expression.

Karel Doing leads this four-week course exploring the history and concepts of expanded cinema from its inception in New York and London to its global impact and contemporary re-invention.

Fee: £60 / £50 conc. / £40 Close-Up members 

Lecturer: Karel Doing

Week 1 - From Movie Drome to Film Pickle, expanded cinema in the USA.
Stan Vanderbeek, Ken Jacobs, Carolee Schneemann and Tony Conrad.

Week 2 - Expanded cinema at the London Filmmakers' Co-op.
Malcolm Le Grice, Anthony McCall, Tony Hill, Chris Welsby and William Raban.

Week 3 - The projector as a musical instrument.
Metamkine, Jürgen Reble, Greg Pope and Bruce McClure.

Week 4 - Going global, expanded cinema now.
Ojoboca, Hangjun Lee, Gibson & Recoder, Adriana Vila & Luis Macías and Karolina Raczynski.

(This content is indicative and not a detailed plan of each class)

Karel Doing is an artist and filmmaker working with experimental film, documentary and performance, focusing on sensorial, semiotic, post-colonial and environmental topics. He has given workshops and lectures internationally at Willem de Kooning Academy, Piet Zwart Institute, KABK, Nordland Kunst og Filmfagskole, FAMU, University of East London, Ravensbourne College and School for New Dance Development. He is currently based in Cambridge and London.

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