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Greg de Cuir Jr. presents a programme of films selected from the competition segment of Alternative Film/Video 2016 in Belgrade (Serbia). Starting in 1982, this international festival for new film and video expression and one of the oldest manifestations of its kind in Europe, was founded as an antidote to commercial film and video-making and to support unconventional practices while celebrating moving image cultures. Alternative Film/Video is organised by and hosted at AFC Belgrade, which was established in 1958 as a kino club and where many iconic filmmakers worked throughout the following decades, including Tomislav Gotovac, Živojin Pavlovic, Radoslav Vladic, Miodrag Miloševic, and others.

Each festival edition features an international competition presided over by a jury that is charged with assembling the festival’s List of Significant Achievements. Artists placed on this list are awarded a residency at AFC Belgrade which includes production support for a new film or video. The 2016 jury included video artist and theoretician Marina Gržinic, film artist Eve Heller, and film artist Peter Tscherkassky. This programme presents the works they selected for this list.

- In, Over & Out (Sebastian Brameshuber, 2015, 11 min, Colour, Digital)
- Raw Material (Jean-François Reverdy, 2015, 26 min, Colour, Digital)
- More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters (Kelly Gallagher, 2016, 6 min, Colour, Digital)
- Soft Power (Elena Artemenko, 2016, 10 min, Colour, Digital)
- Schizophrenia (Yuri Muraoka, 2016, 10 min, Colour, Digital)
- Unknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions (Dalibor Baric, 2015, 40 min, Colour, Digital)



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