Cinema Anèmic #05: La Vidéothèque (Chloé Dragna)

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French distributor La Vidéothèque presents a selection of five pieces by filmmakers and audiovisual artists who represent different ways of looking at the landscape. These international filmmakers contemplate outdoor scenarios to develop narratives about the environment that, in turn, affect the recorded medium. Analog film (super 8/16 mm) and digital video are the technological tools used to discuss the aesthetics of nature, the sensitivity of the perceptive subject or the essayistic character of the final cuts that weave the pictorial, the documentary and the ethnographic.

- LEAP after The Great Ecstacy (Mélanie Manchot, 2011, HD, 20 min, UK)
- Eau morte (film-croquis) (Eunate Torres-Modrego, 2003-10, Super 8, 6 min, Switzerland)
- Entre chien et loup (Anne-Charlotte Finel, 2015, Music by Luc Kheradmand, 5 min, France)
- The North Line (Tai Pinchevsky, 2013, 1.2 min, Israel)
- Terra incognita (Ben Russell, 2002, 16mm, color, sound, 10 min, 2002, USA)

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Eau morte (film-croquis) (Eunate Torres-Modrego, 2003-10)
Eau morte (film-croquis) (Eunate Torres-Modrego, 2003-10)




Friday, May 22, 2015 - 20:30


  • Santa Teresa, 3
    Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 23' 50.5392" N, 2° 9' 36.9144" E