Cinema Anèmic #03: Lluís de Sola

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Presents... "Water"

Projection of a set of 16mm films by Lluís de Sola, with water as their common denominator. Shooting of natural environments such as rivers and beaches duly altered by the watery substance itself present in the documented places. A flowing cinema like river currents, eroding as the waves of the sea.

Curated by Lluís de Sola.

- El Riu (2013, 13 minutes, 16 mm., b&w, mono)
Views of the River Ter and its surroundings, taken during the filming of El pas del riu. Film developed with water from the river, specifically with irrigation water passing through orchards. The sound corresponds to the trail drops of water from the river, dried over the film, passing through the optical reader projector.

- Pedres (2014, 3 minutes, 16 mm., b&w, mono)
I wanted to document sharp stones, pieces of mountain shortly before hurrying down a thirty-meter scree to a pebbly beach of also thirty meters. Thirty meters of film were filmed developed with seawater from that beach.

- Un encanteri (2014, 15 minutes, 16 mm., b&w, stereo)
I made this film from footage discarded from another longer film that I have not yet finished. It is a strange amusement, with an ellaborate form and idea that explains in an intimate way mysterious events happened in Cerbère recently.

- Resclosa #7 (2013, 3 minutes, 16 mm., colour, silent)
Film with German skaters from the seventies, appearing and disappearing from the screen, to be an image or a little less than that, happily trapped in the mud of a dam where we probably spent too much time, from hole to hole.

- Núvols (2015, 3 minutes, 16 mm., b&w, stereo)
A selection of clouds before a storm. Film developed and washed with rainwater.

- La budallera (2014, 16 mm., b&w, silent)
Set along a line and filmed in a way so diverse and dispersed, here are the trees I found in the way to the Font de la Budallera, going there to fetch water to develop this film.


Espai ST3 - Barcelona, Spain


Friday, March 20, 2015 - 20:30



Friday, March 20, 2015 - 20:30


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