Cinema Anèmic #02: Blanca Viñas & Albert Alcoz

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Present... "The invented Night"

Screening of several individual and joint works done by photographer Blanca Viñas and filmmaker Albert Alcoz. Unusual optical treatments and singular chemical processes are the base of a unique analogue experimentation -in slides, photographs, super 8 and 16 mm film- documenting natural spaces through hypnotic perspectives.

Curated by Blanca Viñas & Albert Alcoz: "Set of recent works on photography and analog film that maintain a fruitful dialogue established through expressive links revealed through the static image and the moving image, figuration and abstraction, the forest and the city, color and black and white, silence and sound."

- 14 x 14 (2012, 16 mm. Color. Optical sound, 3 min.)
Recycled film --of structural montage and material abstraction-- made with filmmaker Alberto Cabrera Bernal. 

- La noche inventada (2014, Super 8. So. B&W.12 min.)
Documentation of a photographic tour planned as a return to the stage of childhood.

- Ciudad flotante (Slides, 4 min aprox.)
Architectural manipulation through the use of internal masks that reconstruct the urban landscape of the city.

- Conífera desenfocada (2015, Super 8. Color. Silent. 3 min.)
Trees, branches and pine cones rapidly coloured, frame by frame.

- Ver doble (Slides. 4 min aprox.)
Double perceptions cause confusion of the senses creating a new imaginary.

- Triple exposición (2013, Super 8. B&W. Silent. 10 min.)
Visual symphony of natural landscape altered through an optical lens fragmented into multiple exposures.

- Persiguiendo un enigma (2015, Slides + Super 8. B&W and color. 5/6 min. aprox.)
Film performance where the emulsions of natural distorted recordings are manipulated, changing the frequency of images per second.

- Esperando un eclipse (2015, Slides + 16 mm. Color. Optical sound. 5/6 min. aprox.)
Film performance where the cromatic comes into play with abstraction, inventing unimagined places.


Espai ST3 - Barcelona, Spain


Friday, February 20, 2015 - 20:30



Friday, February 20, 2015 - 20:30


  • Santa Teresa, 3
    Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 23' 50.5392" N, 2° 9' 36.9144" E