Cineinfinito #83&84: Dirk de Bruyn

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Dirk de Bruyn has been creating film works for over 35 years; mostly in the hand-made, ‘direct animation’ mode. He also performs live with multiple projections of his films in a highly embodied mode of expanded cinema performance. His work is renowned for its intricate, suggestive layering of sound and image, and use of sumptuous, blooming fields of colour. He has received funding to produce a number of films, but has continued to maintain a no-budget, independent, self-funded focus for much of his work.

He was a founding member and past president of MIMA (Experimenta), been involved with Fringe Network and been a member of the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group. He has written about and curated various programs of film and video art internationally and written extensively about this area of arts practice. During the late ’90s he was involved in an independent weekly screening program of film and video art at the Café Bohemio.

In the early ’90s de Bruyn lived in Canada. Understanding Science, Rote Movie and Doubt were largely produced while teaching Animation at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver.

He is currently teaching Animation and Digital Culture at Deakin University in Melbourne, Victoria. (Burwood Campus).

“My hand-drawn direct work remains my regurgitated creative life-blood, continually re-inscribed with the follies and hesitations of my everyday life. It speaks to me of things I have never said. It survives viscerally outside the outside. It impacts my body before thought floods in.” –Dirk de Bruyn

Programme 1:

  • Running (1976), 16mm, colour, optical sound, 30 min
  • Feyers (1979), 16mm, colour, optical sound, 20 min

Programme 2:

  • Discs (1982), 16mm, colour, optical sound, 3 min
  • Migraine Particles (1984), 16mm, colour, optical sound, 7 min
  • Light Play (1984), 16mm, colour, optical sound, music by Michael Luck, 7 min
  • Vision (1985), 16mm, colour, optical sound, music by Michael Luck, 4 min
  • Cha Hit (1988), 16mm, colour, optical sound, music by Michael Luck, 16 min
  • Frames (1988), 16mm, colour, optical sound, music by Michael Luck, 7 min
  • Knots (1990), 16mm, colour, optical sound, 8 min

Screening format: HD (copies supervised by Dirk de Bruyn)

(Special thanks to Dirk de Bruyn and Steven McIntyre)

Full programme and film notes:
Cineinfinito #83: Dirk de Bruyn (I)
Cineinfinito #84: Dirk de Bruyn (II)

Image Gallery: 

Running (Dirk de Bruyn, 1976)
Running (Dirk de Bruyn, 1976)



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