Cineinfinito #7: John Price (35mm)

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John Price is an independent filmmaker who has produced experimental documentaries, dance and diary films since 1986. His love of analog photography led naturally to extensive alchemical experimentation with a wide range of motion picture film emulsions and camera formats. Engagement with these modes of creation connected the way an images texture communicates subtext and is a key feature of his work and the work he shoots for others.


Sea Series (2010-2016):
14 variations on the sea as a motive.

  • Sea Series #5 - Georgian Bay: a survey of littoral recreation (2010, 35mm, 4:51, b&w, sil)
  • Sea Series #6 - Landfall at Métis-sur-Mer (2010, 35mm, 2:31, b&w, sil)
  • Sea Series #7 - Naufragé aux Îles de la Madeleine (2010, 35mm, 3:39, b&w, sil)
  • Sea Series #8 - Landfall at Lilliput (2010, 35mm / 3:39, b&w, sil)
  • Sea Series #9 (2013, 35mm, 2:45, color, sil)
  • Sea Series #10 (2011, 35mm (cinemascope), 8:46, b&w, sil)
  • Sea Series #11 (2013, 35mm, 2:45, b&w, sil)
  • Sea Series #12 (2013, 35mm, 2:45, b&w, sil)
  • Sea Series #13 (2013, 35mm, 2:45, color, sil)
  • Sea Series #14 (2014, 35mm, 2:45, color, sil)
  • Sea Series #16 (2014, 35mm, 2:45, color, sil)
  • Sea Series #17 (2014, 35mm, 2:45, color, sil)
  • Sea Series #19 (2016, 35mm, 2:45, color, sil)
  • Sea Series #20 (2016, 35mm, 2:45, color, sil)

Other Diary Films (2004-2010):

  • Ten Thousand Dreams (35mm, 6:00, color, sil)
    'I have no memories from that time... before kindergarten, before solid food, before any idea of what lay ahead. The images were shot a few hours after my baby had traversed the great divide between the warm rumbling universe of his mothers womb and the morning light of our bed.' - JP
  • - Gun, Play (35mm, 9:00, b&w, cd sound)
    'After shooting a strange episode that occurred spontaneously on a secluded beach, I realized that there were two other rolls shot years earlier that might work as a triptych. A subconscious reaction to the escalating gun violence in the city.' - JP
  • - View of the Falls From the Canadian Side (35mm (cinemascope), 6:56, color, sil)
    'A film commissioned by The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto for it's Film is Dead - Long Live Film omnibus project. In 1896, William Heise photographed the first 35mm motion picture images of Canada at Niagara Falls. The 4 perforation camera system he used was designed and built by Thomas Edison and William K. Dickson. The stock was manufactured by George Eastman to Edisons’ specifications. This film was photographed using the same essential technology and is dedicated to the visionary ideas of those pioneers.' - JP
  • - Home Movie (2010, 35mm (cinemascope), 32:45, color,  b&w, sound)
    'Photographed over 4 years in and around the house with a 35mm movie camera and a variety of odd film stocks that had been aging in the uncontrolled conditions of the basement, 'domashnyee kino' is a home movie on many levels. It follows the passage of my two children coming to an ever increasing awareness of the world... It traces the flow of light and sound through their environment... It is a celebration of the way light bends through a piece of glass (in this case a couple of 70's era russian anamorphics) and how this light transforms the surface of an emulsion into an impressionist representation of these moments. The camera films were processed at home in the basement and printed optically on a beautiful Oxberry 1700. Some of the printed material was processed by hand and some was run by Sebastjan at Niagara Custom Lab.' - JP

This programme has been possible thanks to the support of the Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón, Museo Contemporáneo de Castilla y León and Filmoteca de Cantabria.

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Sea Series #5 - Georgian Bay: a survey of littoral recreation (John Price, 2010)
Sea Series #5 - Georgian Bay: a survey of littoral recreation (John Price, 2010)



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