Cineinfinito #67&68: Joseph Bernard - Endearments/Intrigues

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Visual artist, Joseph Bernard was born in Port Chester, NY, educated at the University of Hartford Art School and School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied with independent filmmaker, Stan Brakhage.

For 35 years, Professor Emeritus, Bernard taught fine arts at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. Experimental collage sensibilites are evident in his paintings, films and photographs. Contemporary poetry and music remain as influences. His work is informed by travels to Provincetown, Southern California, Austin, Nashville and other locales.

His films have been exhibited at Toronto’s Funnel Theatre, Detroit Institute of Arts, Chicago Filmmakers, Rutgers University, San Francisco Cinematheque, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Dartmouth College, Indiana University Cinema, Third Man Records in both Nashville & Detroit and NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, among others.

An ongoing project is the restoration and archiving of his over 100 Super-8 silent films and prints made between the mid-1970’s to mid-80’s. Joseph Bernard and wife, Maria Luisa Belmonte, live in Troy, Michigan.

Combining intuition with a blind love of color and light, I began a decade obsessively immersed in producing over 100 short, silent, super-8 home movies…These films are not based on the page or the theatre, they don’t tell a story and, in fact, are (all but one) intentionally without sound… just something purely, emphatically visual… the movement of light and color.” –Joseph Bernard

Programme 1: Endearments

  • Icon (1978) (Super 8, sil, 5:32)
  • Fugue (1981) (Super 8, sil, 2:25)
  • Semblance: Frampton Brakhage Relation (1981) (Super 8, sil, 5:21)
  • The Detroit Films (Reel #3) (1985) (Super 8, sil, 4:13)
  • Common Air (1984) (Super 8, sil, 12:27)

Programme 2: Intrigues

  • Intrigues (I) (1981) (Super 8, sil, 3:44)
  • Intrigues (II) (1981) (Super 8, sil, 4:25)
  • Intrigues (III) (1981) (Super 8, sil, 5:47)
  • Intrigues (IV) (1981) (Super 8, sil, 2:03)
  • Intrigues (V) (1981) (Super 8, sil, 2:53)
  • Intrigues (VI) (1981) (Super 8, sil, 4:21)
  • Intrigues (VII) (1981) (Super 8, sil, 12:22)

Screening format: HD 2K (digital transfers supervised by the author)

Special thanks to Joseph Bernard.

Cineinfinito #67: Joseph Bernard - Endearments
Cineinfinito #68: Joseph Bernard - Intrigues

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Icon (Joseph Bernard, 1978)
Icon (Joseph Bernard, 1978)



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