Cineinfinito #21: Klaus Lutz

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The enigmatic work of Swiis filmmaker and artist Klaus Lutz (1940-2009) lies somewhere between the meditations of a recluse and the fantasies of a utopia visionary. With reminiscences of Georges Méliès, Chaplin, the Russian avant-gardes and the Bauhaus, with a touch of futurism, his films are mysterious mental landscapes that tell almost mythological stories about a man who lives in a strange, solitary world. The protagonist—Lutz—flies over imaginary cities and through interstellar space, interacting with anthropomorphic signs and drawings, all filmed and edited in camera in the small Manhattan apartment where he lived.

- Acrobatics (1996), 16mm, color, silent, 16 min. (24fps)
-Titan (2008), 16mm, b/w, silent,  9 min. (24fps)

+ The Beauty Of My Island (Frank Matter, 1999), video, 33 min.

Screening format: 2K (Klaus Lutz Archive)

Special thanks to Frank Matter.

Cineinfinito #21: Klaus Lutz

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Acrobatics (Klaus Lutz, 1996)
Acrobatics (Klaus Lutz, 1996)



Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 19:00
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    28014   Madrid
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