Cineinfinito #16: David Brooks

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An influential figure within the NYC experimental film community of the mid-1960s, David Brooks died tragically young leaving behind only a handful of works.

- Winter (1966, 16mm, sound, colour, 16:05)
Locales: Nantucket, Kazakhstan, Grant's Nepal, Colorado, Mt. Kearsange, Iowa, 7th Street. Door golden night room trees fire drip rain blue horse river snow birds green mountain forest dark room mist car trees window ducks are flying. Overtones: Raga Palas Kafi, Grant's, Slug's, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed, Raga Rageshri, the wind, Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, the Beatles, Piatniksky Chorus. –DB

- The Wind is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea (1968, 16mm, sound, colour, 52:00)
Unseen for decades, David Brooks's sprawling, lyrical 1968 attempt to come to terms with the world's small beauties and large disappointments is at once exhilarating and melancholy. Shifting between the city (New York) and the countryside (New England), he shows people making out in the grass or talking philosophy during an overly red sunset, his camera shaking, panning, and zooming as if possessed by too much energy for its desperate quest to end. Dialogue about an alcoholic artist injects a note of failure, making the sights we see seem more precious and fleeting. Brooks died in a one-car crash when he was 24, the year after this film was made. –Fred Camper

Screening format: 4K (New digital transfer made for this screening)
Special thanks to MM Serra and the Filmmakers Coop.

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Winter (David Brooks, 1966)
Winter (David Brooks, 1966)



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